Keeping It Real - Stopping Child Prostitution With Demi & Ashton

You could be forgiven for believing that slavery ended in the US nearly 150 years ago. But that was only one type of slavery. According to government estimates, there are still as many as 90,000 people in bondage in this country, and many of them are children. Other estimates suggest that as many as 300,000 children are being sexually exploited for profit in the USA.

It's a big problem, and a difficult one to manage: while there are willing customers for this kind of 'service', there will be criminals willing to exploit it, regardless of the risks. You can take these criminals off the street, but someone else will take their place. You can make the laws tougher, but there will always be someone who thinks they can get away with it. You can enforce it better in one place, but that'll just divert them somewhere else.

In a supply-and-demand economy, the only way to really effectively reduce supply is to reduce demand.

Which is precisely the premise Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are working on, with the recent launch of the Demi & Ashton (DNA) Foundation's "Real Men Don't Buy Girls" interactive video campaign, which gives you the opportunity to make videos 'with' celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Sean Penn, Jamie Foxx, and Jason Mraz, that show that you either are a real man, or that you like real men. A 'real man' being, of course, one that doesn't procure minors for sex.

Once you've made your video, they then invite you to get active and start patrolling the internet, reporting anything that looks like child sexual exploitation. With an army of thousands keeping an eye on this sort of thing, you can be sure that sites like Craigslist and Backpage will really start feeling the heat.

The t-shirt(s)The t-shirt(s)And finally, they want you to buy the t-shirt, in the hope that will help raise awareness on the issue as well. Even if it doesn't, at least you'll have a pretty cool shirt.

So, to sum up, the idea behind this campaign is to shame men and businesses out of exploiting children. As Kutcher - who is 15 years younger than Moore - points out, "The average age of a girl involved in the sex trade is 13, and the average man who buys a girl is 30-years-old, has no prior criminal record, and has a well-paying job....Once someone goes on record saying they are or aren't going to do something, they tend to be a bit more accountable."

We can but hope.

This is what your video might look like:

Apr 11, 2011
by Anonymous

OR you could kill them....

I am being totally serious when I say that they way to end child porn and child sex trade is to kill those caught participating.

I mean the johns as well as the criminals that sell the child porn or actual children to such a warped, twisted individual.

Science has shown that many of our personality traits (including monogamy) are genetically predetermined. It is not such a stretch to say that the tendency to have sex with children is not also a genetic misfire.

To be blunt about it, yu have to scrub these genes from the gene pool. That means killing those that carry these genes, testing their offspring for the genetic markers and sterilizing those found with it so that the gene is no longer passed into society.

Looking at it from a purely scientific perspective, this is the only way to "cure" this problem.

If you have another suggestion, I would love to hear it.

Apr 11, 2011
by Jamie Reygle
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While I agree that may be an effective solution to this problem, it does seem a little drastic...

Jamie Reygle
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Apr 11, 2011
by Anonymous

It's only drastic if you have a less-drastic alternative...

...and that alternative needs to work. Currently we (in the US at least) simply place these people in time out for a while then set them loose again.

There is talk therapy, but that has been a failure for the most part. And, it is widely known that 30% of sex offenders ill re-offend shortly after release.

Sometimes we have tried chemical castration. But that only works if the offender reports for his chemical treatments.

The problem of the criminals supplying children for these horrific scenarios will go away once there are no more perverts that are willing to pay for the criminals' services.

We should understand the law of lemons by now. We produce millions of cars and some of them are lemons off the lot. We produce millions of cell phones, and some of them will be lemons. We produce billions and billions of devices and a certian percentage of all of them are lemons.

Now, take a human being...infinitely more complex than everything we have every produced combined. The brain alone is almost a complete mystery to scientists after 200 years of study.

So, why is it so hard to buy into the fact that some people are lemons right out of the womb?

Whether we choose to admit the reality of human lemons, they exist. And while we can happily co-exist with a lot of human lemons (those with physical disabilities) we cannot suffer the torture that the rapists, sociopaths, child molesters, child rapists and serial killers place upon society.

Its time to an up and take out the trash.

Apr 12, 2011
by Anonymous

The real story.....

There is a huge difference in exploiting children that consenting adults who meet in private.
Ever wonder why we just release these teens back to their parents with no real intervention. They run away with their pimp boyfriends and we do not even have enough sense to LOCK UP THESE UNGOVERNABLE TEENS IN BOOT CAMP to protect them from themselves and why are the parents not being held responsible for their ungovernable teen.
Every county already has a juvenile court, a dept of child services, reform schools, boot camps, foster homes and special schools for a risk youths.
Yet the adult escorts are being stalked by police and murdered by serial killers, and nobody is setting up any services for these women.
Then we have the issue that a man can keep a girl captive in his backyard for 17 years while he is on parole and they say its because "they do not have the man power to monitor" these PREDATORS, but we seem to have plenty of man power TO STALK MIDDLE AGED CONSENTING ADULTS ON LINE.
A Vegas cop was arrested for trying to pick up a street hooker who was an undercover police office and this guy got a paid leave of absence and was demoted but got to keep his job even after he plead guilty.
Yet we have 2 teachers that have been fired even though they have never been arrested, one because she escorted to pay her way through college and the other one did porn 16 years ago.
We spend millions to create laws that give thesePREDATORS 25 years sentences for people who exploit minors yet we rarely see any of these pimps get more than 5 years.
The only one we are punishing is the VICTIMS, which are the women who are trying to escape poverty, while nobody is creating LONG term services for the women who do want to exit the industry.
Do we expect these women to just go live in the streets.
It is easy to be judgmental, these women are mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins and regular people. I bet anyone would turn a trick for a blanket or burger if they were cold and hungry enough.
Our current laws harm all women, and when they found 8 women buried in Long Island the cops told the media "that serial killers rarely murder hookers" and now they think the killer is a ex cop.
Cops abuse there power, they illegal arrest escorts, they illegally stalk them, some threaten us for free favors and the offer us NO PROTECTION. (hookers are absed b the cops while in custody and many of these women are raped & beaten while they are in jail).
The Craigslist killer was caught because after he killed the girl in Boston we went to RI and robbed a escort and she dialed 911 because at the time indoor prostitution was legal in RI, and for 30 years they never had one Case of human trafficking.
I agree that any person exploiting a child should be locked up forever the first time, and we should decriminalize what adults do in private and give these women the same sanction and protection under the law given to all other citizens.
Anytime a women can not dial 911 to report abuse, ITS JUT WRONG.