Double Trouble Art - It Takes Two to Tango

Just Keeping an Eye on YouJust Keeping an Eye on You

Keetra Dixon is an artist that isn't afraid to exclude the number "1".  Because as we all know, "one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do."  Her project, Just Between You & Me, consists of sets of two and the theme of partnership. I recently had a chance to interview Keetra Dixon about this project.

Every Breath You TakeEvery Breath You Take

How did you start working on this project? Did the idea just come to you one day or was it careful planning?
I think it began as a spontaneous burst - the Douballoon just "POPPED" into my head. The rest of the studies were more deliberate.

What is the meaning of having a pair of everything in these works?
They are studies of co-dependancy. For me, this is typical between partners - a set of two.

Where did you get the ideas for the titles? Some of them sound like song titles.
Yes, a lot are song references. I don't think the objects really need titles, but sometimes a title can help steer the tone, so I gave them names. The objects are absurd - like an 80s pop song that you can't help crooning with passion.

Significant SpooningSignificant Spooning

What is the reaction of the public to this art?
I have received positive comments, but I haven't actually polled an audience segment. I am sure the responses vary ;)

Do you have any new series that you are working on that you can talk about?

I have been toying with text & materiality. It's all a little hard to describe, but I am focusing on linguistic play + unexpected form.

I Could Talk to You ForeverI Could Talk to You Forever

Which work in Just Between You and Me is your favorite?
The Douballoons for sure!

Which one do you get the most reaction to?
Its a mixed bunch - Just between you & me (douballoons), Every breath you take (double cigarettes), & Just keeping an eye on you (double glasses) seem to be the most popular.

I've Got Your BackI've Got Your Back

Just Between You and Me (Douballoons)Just Between You and Me (Douballoons)

I really like this artwork. It's simple and as always, two is better than one, but three's a crowd. Maybe they could use this art for some of those dating websites that talk about finding your perfect match.

What do you think? Which one is your favorite?


Copyrighted images used with permission. Please visit Keetra Dixon's website to see more of this unique art!

May 18, 2010
by Toby
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These are really neat Diana!