Key Buoy Prevents Your Keys From Sinking

Those who keep current on every latest invention, gadget and technological advance may recognize the Key Buoy as it's been around for a couple of years. I recently came across it for the first time  at a tradeshow and thought it was handy enough to share. 

The Key Buoy is the perfect accessory for water sport enthusiasts like boaters, swimmers and surfers. Usually you get the choice of leaving your keys on the beach and risking having someone comb through your belongings and jack your car or sticking the keys in an unreliable bathing suit pocket and risking them sinking to the bottom of the sea. Either one could end in a migraine.

The Key Buoy provides an effective solution. The fob-sized keyring device bursts open when it hits the water and unleashes a 14-inch inflatable tube to send your keys right back to the top of the water. The flourescent orange inflatable is very easy to spot and holds air for 40 minutes, in case you have to search around a little while.

The Key Buoy is available for around $6 on Amazon. The one drawback is that it only works once so you'll have to get a new one should you use it. Then again, if you actually have to use it, you will save yourself a lot more than $6 worth of time and money, so that's really not much of a drawback at all. 

Via: Uncooped 

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