Keyboard Organizer: Use It To Type Or To Hide Your Office Supplies

If you work in a crowded office, then chances are you've already experienced quite a handful of disappearing acts. The workload or the paperwork isn't what's missing, although I'm sure you'd prefer these to go missing instead. No, what actually magically disappears from your desk are you pens and scissors and staplers and all sorts of other supplies.

Tried sticking your name on each one of them? Placed a huge sign on your desk reading "Please do not touch anything"? Tried stashing everything in your drawer? If none of these have worked to at least try to curb the office supplies snatching, then maybe what you need is the Keyboard Organizer.

For one thing, it's actually a real keyboard, so when people see you banging away contracts and reports on it, they will be none the wiser. When no one's looking, pop the keyboard open and sneak in your pens, clips, note pads, rulers, CDs, and whatever else will fit into that nifty little space and snap it back shut when you're done. Easy as pie.

Of course, I'm sure a lot of the people who take stuff from your table probably had no intention of stealing it. Heck, they might even remember they have your pen and swing by your cubicle when they remember they still have it a few weeks later. By then, it would already be too late because you've already bought a replacement. This way, you prevent obvious thieves and unintentional snatchers from ever walking away with your belongings again.


They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs too, so I'm sure you'll be able to find a Keyboard Organizer that fits your taste and personality.

Here are its product specifications (as a keyboard):

  • Windows® compatible
  • USB connector or wireless
  • Audio control like MUTE and VOLUME
  • Internet keys including, Home, Mail, Forward, Backward and Stop.
  • Shortcut keys to My Computer and Calculator
  • Bring up Windows® Media Player with a keystroke
  • Fast forward your CD or DVD with one button, stop, play or fast forward
  • Membrane switch technology for long life and low noise keystrokes
You can get the Keyboard Organizer here: