Keyboard Pants: The Ultimate in Typing Readiness!

I like to consider myself of the geek culture but this pair of jeans may even be too strange for the likes of me. That didn't stop designer Erik De Nijs from creating a pair of trendy-looking jeans with a keyboard stitched right into their front! Once you stop gawking, please take a minute to consider the practical applications: never allow yourself to stop off at a keyboard-less computer and be unable to utilize it again!



The utility of these pants does not stop at the keyboard stitched across their front, no sir. Notice the mouse built in to the rear of the pants on a lanyard-like attachment- what easy access! It could double as a way to punish those pesky pick-pockets.

From my research, I can't tell how they interface with the computer. Nor can I understand how this concept could be anywhere even in the ballpark of comfortable. Some guy just got so fed up of having to carry a mouse, keyboard, and speakers along with his laptop. that he decided to do something about it, kudos to him. But really? A keyboard across the front of your britches? The next step is a shirt with an LCD monitor built-in to the chest.

Via Vous Pensez

Apr 23, 2008
by Anonymous


How would you go about washing these pants?? Seriously.

What's next? Flash drive built into the sneakers. Just like those sandals that have a bottle opener on the bottom--these will be the geek version. :)

Apr 24, 2008
by Anonymous


Is there a joystick also included or you should use yur own? =))

Apr 25, 2008
by Anonymous

this is so interesting...who

this is so interesting...who come's up with these ideas???

Teens who invent: