The KeyMe Kiosk - One Of The Simplest Vending Machine Ideas Ever!

You know when there's a business idea that is just so simple, and fantastic, and obvious you wonder how we've existed on this planet without someone creating it before? Well, one of those ideas has surfaced, it has to do with key-cutting, and it is so simple it is genius.


The KeyMe Kiosk does exactly what you'd assume it does. It is a vending machine style key cutting service, that renders the locksmith virtually extinct. That isn't just because it cuts duplicate copies of keys, which generally seems to be a service you need precisely when the local, inexpensive key cutter is no longer open.

Key Cutting KioskKey Cutting Kiosk

It's also because the machine claims to securely store a copy of the key, so that if ever you find you've lost every copy ever made, or simply can't get access to the other versions, you can pop over to the kiosk and have a new one made before you're inconvenienced. To ensure the key copy doesn't fall into the wrong hands, another copy can only be made based on identity confirmation through fingerprinting. 

 See, didn't I tell you the idea is such an obvious great one? 



Jul 11, 2013
by Anonymous

Must for franchise BIG time

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