KFC China's 'Taste of Ireland' Chicken Will Turn You Green

What's up, KFC? First you give us the Double Down and now you're Dublin Up? Indeed, the product planners at KFC China have come up with something unique: “Taste of Ireland” chicken!

The late Colonel Harlan Sanders could hardly have imagined that it would come to this. Thirty years after he sold his rights and interests in the company that still features his grizzled visage for its figurehead, KFC is doing a roaring business with close to 4,000 stores in mainland China.

The marketing team at KFC China has built their success upon the ability to cater to local tastes... yet what could be LESS local than the tastes of Ireland?

The recipe for KFC China's “Taste of Ireland” (available for a limited time) looks to be different than the classic crispy batter infused with 7 herbs & spices.

It's not even fried, instead being roasted with the skin on while being basted in either Bailey's Irish Cream or a homegrown concoction of Irish whiskey and cream.

Watch this TV commercial for KFC China's new “Taste of Ireland,” featuring an uncredited but impressed Western dude who looks more Orange County than County Kerry:

One wonders what actual Irish folks think about KFC China's curious interpretation of their traditional cuisine. My guess is they'll be less than impressed – after all, whiskey belongs in a glass, not on a chicken. (via ChinaSMACK)

May 18, 2011
by Anonymous

Whiskey and chicken do go together

While I'm not sure about KFC China's idea, bourbon marinades, sauces, and dips are great with chicken.

May 19, 2011
by Anonymous

As an Irish person I can

As an Irish person I can tell you that "actual Irish folks" have better things to be offended by