KFC Japan's "Kentucky Chicken Rice": Double Down with a Difference

If you bet on Kentucky Fried Chicken's bunless wondrous Double Down being down for the count, KFC Japan has got a wake up call for you. The Kentucky Chicken Rice sandwich includes almost everything the Double Down was famous (or infamous) for, then adds a central patty made from rice held together with ketchup.

Scheduled to be released nationwide on February 7th, this worthy successor to what KFC Japan called the “Chicken Filet Double” tips the scales at 256 grams and 585 calories. Compare that to the 540 calories offered by the original riceless fried chicken sandwich sold in Japan for a limited time from February 2nd of 2012.

There are other minor differences between the Chicken Filet Double and the new Kentucky Chicken Rice, mainly being the latter contains only one heapin' helpin' of specialty mayonnaise and replaces the bacon with thick tomato sauce... wait up, that's a MAJOR difference: no bacon?? Sacrilege!

In addition, just a single slice of orange cheese graces the Kentucky Chicken Rice as opposed to the orange and yellow cheese slices on its 2012 inspiration. Last and not least, it seems the Kentucky Chicken Rice will only be sold with crispy fried chicken “buns” - there's no grilled option on the menu.

KFC Japan is selling the Kentucky Chicken Rice for 450 yen (about $4.95) if you want only the sandwich or 600 yen ($6.60) with a medium drink. Bring your own bacon and get 'em while they're hot! (via Gigazine and The Keep Calm-O-Matic)

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