Kia Joins Hybrid Race with Forte LPI

Since the hybrid race began, every automaker around the world has been hard at work designing their own piece of Green Technology. Kia Motors is the most recent to join this fight for sales, with their new Forte LPI Hybrid.

The non-hybrid Forte is set to go on sale in the States later in the year, but while those will be powered by a small inline-4, the LPI Hybrid prefers to get power from a small electric motor and what Kia calls a "liquefied Petroleum Injected" engine, hence LPI. Together the powerplants are good for 124 horsepower. They also return about 41 miles for ever gallon of liquid petroleum you feed the engine.

The batteries in charge of motivating the electric motors are made of a new Lithium Polymer (Li-Poly) and will be supplied by LH Chem. This is the same company that has been contracted to supply battery packs for the Chevy Volt.

The new Forte Hybrid is part of a nationwide plan that Kia has recently launched called "Eco-Dynamics." The sub-brand will be focused on creating more efficient vehicles for the future as well as working on ways to improve battery technology. It has yet to be announced if this new brand will see North America or not.