Kia Shows Some Soul

Kia hasn't been at the forefront of the industry in the past few months, but that didn't stop them from bringing a hard hitting campaign to the Geneva Motor Show this year. To help promote the personalization capability of the new Kia Soul, they had 3 custom designs present to help kick-start the customization.

The most eye catching of the trio was the Soul Burner. The paint job is a base satin with a dragon graphic covering the sides and hood. The inside is 2-tone red on black with some custom inserts and chrome accents.

The Soul Diva was designed more toward the woman who knows what she wants. Black, white and gold are the colors of choice for the exterior. The interior was pieced together to be an elegant lounge fit for a princess. Imitation leather for the seats and even a full-length tinted panoramic roof.

The final Soul, the Searcher, was designed purely to create a place of calm and comfort in the hectic streets. The interior colors are soothing and warm. A folding roof allows you to feel the air around you as the soft felt seats envelop you.

"For Geneva, the Kia design team simultaneously developed three concepts with very different executions to hint at the world of possibilities' open to future customers." (Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer Kia Motors Europe.)

I would say they did just that.

Via : ZER Customs

Mar 14, 2008
by Anonymous


Isn't that LAST year's Scion xB? Oh, I see, it's got "wheel-well bulges." Nevermind then.