Kia UVO Challenges SYNC Infotainment System

Infotainment systems are slowly but surely becoming just as common as air conditioning in today's vehicles, and for a good reason. As we become more dependent on new technologies, it only makes sense that we want to use them all the time. Advancements like these are likely why Kia has introduced their UVO system.

Once again, Microsoft was called in to help with the development of the system, but this time more research was put into a voice recognition system. The number of menus available is few, but this isn't due to a lack of features. Nearly every function of UVO can be activated simply by asking. The system was also programmed to respond to commonly used phrases such as "What's playing?"

Kia's UVO system is also able to connect to your wireless phone to dial and receive calls as well as text messages. Both of these features are also activated by the driver's voice.


The new system is set to debut on the 2011 Sorento, and then make it was across the Kia lineup.

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