The Kickbee Gets Your Unborn Baby Into The Social Networking Scene


In today’s busy world there are a lot of reasons why partners do not get to spend as much time together as they would like.  When you and your significant other are expecting a baby it can feel even more discouraging to be missing that time together.  Not only are you missing out on couple time, but you are also not getting to share in some of the development and anticipation.



While there is nothing quite like feeling those powerful little kicks and seeing mom-to-be’s stomach jump around, there is a new invention that can keep others in the loop a bit better.  The Kickbee is an innovative band that is meant to be worn around the belly of the expectant mother.  The sensors inside the band pick up on movement underneath.  Once motion has been detected the device wirelessly sends out the baby’s first Twitter messages of, “I kicked Mommy”.  They can also be sent as text messages to mobile phones.



This device would give grandparents and other family members who live far away a chance to share in the experience too.  The Kickbee is not yet on the market, but from the look of the site it seems like they are trying to make it available soon.