KICKR Power Trainer: God Of Indoor Cycling Trainers

KICKR Power TrainerKICKR Power Trainer

"A trainer on steroids," boasts the KICKR Power Trainer's website. The KICKR Power Trainer is an indoor trainer that will change the face of indoor training. Not only does the KICKR Power Trainer promise "the smoothest indoor riding on the market," but it comes equipped with technology that you won't find on other indoor cycling trainers. Just take the back wheel off your bike, attach it to the KICKR and give it a spin. 

Training With KICKRTraining With KICKR

First, there's the ride. The KICKR, at a hefty 45 pounds, is stable to say the least, so you won't have to worry about a wobbly ride. The KICKR's adjustable fly arm fits any sized bike. With its super-sized flywheel and electromagnetic resistance, you can be sure you're getting a ride that feels just like you're on the road.

The KICKR's "wheel off" design not only saves your tires, but it allows the unit to measure power at the hub, which means consistency. You get these power readings via app on your iPhone or Android device. The KICKR's app allows you to control the resistance through your phone or device. It also gives you the option to ride virtual courses and Strava segments (virtual parts of courses from around the world) or perform a structured wattage workout.


One of the most unique things about the KICKR is that 3rd party companies can develop software for the trainer (and they've already started doing so, i.e. the Segments app that allows you to ride Strava segments). Other indoor trainers are locked into software that comes with the trainer, but the KICKR's software allows for all kinds of apps to be developed for it and at a cost that's significantly lower than some of the software suites that come with other trainers. 

Not only are you getting a sturdy platform and a road-like ride with the KICKR, but its technology is a lot more user-friendly than other indoor trainers. Actually, it's more user-friendly, cheaper and allows for an ever-changing technological landscape, since 3rd party companies can develop more and more apps for the unit. And, as far as pricing goes, it's comparable to other trainers at around $1,100, so if you're in the market for an indoor cycling trainer, the KICKR Power Trainer is going to be one of the best on the market. 

Source: KICKR