Dareway: A Segway Scaled Down For The Little Tike


This kid may look like he's having fun, but he's actually screaming at his off-camera father in a mix of agonizing horror and sheer shock. "Daddy why did you get me a toy crafted after such an obsolete and inconsequential device?! I wanted a bike!!" All lil' Jimmy got for his birthday this year was a slow, awkward trip to the mockery of his morning preschool class. We feel your pain, Jimmy.

Jimmy sure didn't approve of this nod to the Segway, but I just know there's two or three fans of the original Segway out there that are going to test the waters with their own children. If so, the device is a 12-V battery-powered vehicle that operates with a simple foot-pedal accelerator and thumb-driven directional buttons. If your child has never seen the original Segway or the nerds that ride them, he should enjoy a ride on this baby in ignorant bliss. Just in case, though, you better buy a back-up Power Wheels or bike. The Dareway can travel forwards, backwards and even side to side, so you'll have a number of ways to ride it into the dark "what was I thinking" corner of the garage or shed.  

The Dareway is available now and retails for 150 pounds, or around $227. In addition to the boys' model that Jimmy is so desperately trying to dismount from, a pink and purple version is available for girls.

via: Coolest Gadgets

May 9, 2009
by Anonymous

four wheels not two

knockoff allright and that is even streching the definition.

Funny you quote a british source since you can find those on ebay under "chariot" this thing moves back and forth using a pedal and a thumbpad control. not different than any other battery powered four wheeler toy vehicle from china except there is no space to sit, you only stand up.

Again, nothing even remotely comparable to a segway, which balances on 2 wheels and a gyroscope, so this is really not even a knockoff in that you are only getting the appearance of "looking" like you are on a segway but not much else.

May 11, 2009
by Anonymous


The first commenter makes some good points. Unlike other children's toys that are exact replicas and include all the design, features and motion of the original vehicle or device, this one only "looks" like the Segway. You'd probably be better off with a Power Wheels Hummer that you can actually go off-road with or perhaps a little Ferrari to race in Le Mans. Why waste your dough on a children's toy that merely imitates looks? Perhaps because that's what children's toys do. Clearly the commentor was never a child.