Kideo: YouStar’s Existing Competition Lets Children Star In Animated Flix

I recently introduced you to YouStar, which allows people of all ages to star in their favorite action films or romantic comedies, so that they can pretend to be Jennifer Anniston's leading man (or lady). But did you know that before this company announced the release of their brand of product, another one, Kideo, already captured the market?

Kideo allows children to play their favorite characters, stepping out of the real world and into their favorite animated films alongside friends like Dora, the Care Bears and Spiderman. Kideo may not offer a service quite as in-depth as their new competitor YouStar, but they do use photographs of children to make their faces appear on the small screen, which most kids will get a big kick out of! Will the more interactive technology developed by YouStar push Kideo to expand their services and technology, or will they stick with what they know?