Kidorable Clothing Brightens Up Dreary Winter Days

Fun Frog MittensFun Frog Mittens


The kid clothes and accessories on the market these days just keep getting cuter and more unique.  If you are looking for some adorably exceptional getups to keep your kids dry and warm this winter then you should have a look at the Kidorable line.  This kid clothing company specializes in delightful creations that are sure to brighten up those dreary weather days.


Cute panda UmbrellaCute panda Umbrella


Kidorable umbrellas, for example, feature a wide cast of characters.  You are sure to find one to suit the little person in your life.  Fans of animals, ballerinas, astronauts, dinosaurs, mermaids, pirates, firefighters, fairies and fashion will all find something to suit their tastes. See this adorable panda here.


Adoable Lamb GlovesAdoable Lamb Gloves


The line of gloves and mittens are particularly playful in that they could double as finger or hand puppets.  Kids can put on an impromptu puppet show in the car or on the school bus.



There are also great scarves, toques and backpacks to tie in with each of the themes and complete each look.  Kids could also mix and match for those days when nothing but being a ballerina/firefighter or pirate/astronaut will do.  You can find Kidorable here


If you want to see any of the kidorable items pictured in this article, just click on the picture of the item.


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Dec 8, 2010
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