Kidrobot’s Yummy Collection: Deliciously Adorable Toys!

When had your food been as happy to see you as you are to see it? Heidi Kenney and Kidrobot have teamed up to present the Yummy series: a wide range of sweet and smiling toy treats!


I’ve been a fan of the Yummy series of grinning goodies for a while now, and I’ve added three of the designer blind box treats into my collection over the years. Heidi’s expansive line of beaming breakfasts and smirking snacks includes a huge variety of grub, ranging from delightful doughnuts and pleasant piles of pancakes, to tickled toast and cheerful cinnamon rolls. Although we all have a favorite snack or breakfast meal, I think it’s exciting to meet the googly-eyed Yummy character that I randomly selected from its blind box.


It is easy to see the inherent fun of the Yummy series: Each food has its signature smile and large cartoon eyes that is always pleased as punch to be by your side. If you’re more adventurous, you could always grab a blind box plush Doughnuts, Yummy Dessert or Breakfast keychain, as I have. I was especially lucky to have discovered the stuffed chocolate doughnut with a vanilla drizzle, as well as the banana and stack of pancakes key chains. They’re all so cute!


Larger Yummy character pillows are available for the friendly foodie who wants to display their all-time favorite comfort foods in a comforting way, such as a variety of colorful doughnuts, ice cream sandwiches, jelly toast, blueberry pies, citrus slices and much more. My toughest thing might be choosing a favorite! Do I get the lemon doughnut pillow or slice of lemon? Decisions, decisions…


I’ve set up a buffet of Yummy toys, keychains, and pillows from Kidrobot for you to fill up on below, so enjoy the sweet spread!

Sources: Heidi Kenney, Kidrobot

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