Kids Go Wild for Unconventional Party Cups

Kids parties always welcome a little creativity, and now your littlest guests can get a laugh at the refreshments table with the Pick Your Animal Nose cup set.

It started with the grown up version, and then evolved into a kids’ product that has become a huge hit at birthday parties. Next time you are looking for the perfect addition to an animal themed affair, purchase a set of 24 cups, each containing an animal nose graphic that will fit perfectly over the drinker’s own nose for a hilarious look ideal for photo ops.

Wild Fun for Small GuestsWild Fun for Small Guests

From toucans to zebras, children’s imaginations will go wild as they sip punch and giggle at each others’ new looks. The only issue? Keeping one cup per kid! Sold by the ever creative Exit 9 gift emporium or Amazon , these come at such a reasonable price, you may want to order a few sets to keep up with demand. Kids will be endlessly amused by their instant nose job, so try out a set today!

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Aug 5, 2008
by Anonymous


probably should have been a forest or sky or water something fitting the area were that animal lives background too were it is white.