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Today, there are hundreds of websites for kids. Kids can go online and play games, learn about space, discover how-to crafts, dress up there virtual dolls, learn how to read with their favorite cartoon characters or just chat online with pen pals from all over the world. As many websites as there are for children, there are few environmentally focused websites specially made for kids, that is until The Greens came along.

The Greens is a new innovative and environmental website your kids can link to and learn about the environment in a fun way with mini-episodes, a blog, kid’s mail, green games, and updates on several environmental topics. The site's features allow kids to explore green living such as: sustainability, ecology, environmental care and social equity at their own accord, without feeling overwhelmed or forced into the idea.

Who are the Greens? Izz, Dex and Izz’s Dad are the main characters. Dex is Izz’s cousin. Izz’s Dad takes care of Granny and works from home. Izz’s Mom is an eco-journalist that is often always traveling so we don’t know what she looks like. Other characters include Dex's Mom, Hoyt, the Cat, Jolie, Hector, CJ & Mrs. Greener-the green extremist.

The Greens latest episode introduces seven big but basic green ideas kids can easily learn and practice on a daily basis: reduce, reuse, conserve, rethink, imagine, discover, and recycle. Pretty simple. Right? That’s why kids can do it. At the end of the episode there is a page-by-page break down of the video and other helpful green kid links to follow.

The Greens was created by WGBH in Boston. WGBH is also know for making shows like: ZOOM, Arthur, Curious George, Frontline, NOVA, Masterpiece Theatre and Antiques Roadshow, but The Greens is not a TV show (yet). In the meantime your kid(s) can meet The Greens online and help themselves to “A Regular Helping of GREENS ” and more.

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Gloria Campos-Hensley
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Sep 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

The Greens

Don't their (green) faces look too much like  Mr. Yuk stickers?