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It finally feels like its fall in the Northeast. I'm seeing leaves fall and kids starting to cough. I thought of this article I wrote back during the summer and thought it was very appropriate right now. Hope it makes your winter a little easier. Here it is. ..

If candy wasn’t so bad for my kids, I would let them consume it 24/7. Nothing seems to quiet a whining child as quickly and effectively as candy. Now imagine your child sick at home and whining and having the amazing ability to say, “Hey, I’ve got a great idea, why don’t you have a lollipop?” Your child will look at you with questioning eyes. Is it a trick?

rhinopops My three year old had a sore throat this past memorial day weekend. We were out to lunch when my sister-in-law (don't know if she minds me using her real name, so I'll just call her Samantha) offered him a lollipop. Now that's no way to make a sick kid that hasn't been eating feel better... or is it. Samantha told me that these lollipops had medicine in it to help kids with sore throats. They are called Runny Rhino Cold Relief Pops. Genius! What better way to get your kid to take some medicine – hide it inside candy. Its provides non-medicated safe fast relief from discomforts associated with cough, cold and sore throats. It is clinically proven to reduce severity of symptoms and duration of cough and cold cycle. For more information, go to Runny Rhino Cold Relief Pops.

The jury is in. Both my kids both loved them. Samantha told me that she purchased the pops at the local supermarket. So look for them there. If you can't find them, you can buy it here. I’m pretty excited about this find, I’m only sorry that I didn’t find them before winter hit. But never fear … they’re kids … mine are bound get at least one cold during the summer.

By the way, Improvita (the company that makes Runny Rhino Pops) has Gassy Gator Pops (for upset stomachs), Kangaroo Kids Nutra Pops (with vitamins) and Get BetterBear Sore Throat Pops(speaks for itself). Go to Improvita - Lollipops.

UPDATE: Runny Rhino Cold Relief Pops are no longer available, but Little Colds now has a cold relief pop that gets good reviews.