Kids Travel Made Easy

You’re traveling through the airport on your latest family vacation, and as usual, your child is trudging along behind you – exhausted and tired. What’s a parent to do? Purchase a Trunki – a British rolling suitcase that is far from ordinary.

The Trunki has helped out thousands of families on long trips, as it is the first suitcase that children are able to ride through airport terminals, train stations and sidewalks. Made out of durable plastic, young children love to not only ride on top of their Trunki, but also take responsibility for their own special belongings that easily pack inside.
Riding in StyleRiding in Style

Even better, Trunkis come in a wide variety of styles and color schemes, making them perfect for every child’s unique interests and personality. I personally like Trixie, which features plenty of girly colors inside and out. Trunkis are available in more “masculine” shades for little boys too, and measure 18”x7.9”x12”, providing kids with plenty of sitting space. It’s recommended for children aged 3-6, which also happens to be the prime age for travel-related whines and tantrums. Stop them before they start by purchasing this “luggage for little people” via their official website or Amazon .

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