Kiikku Planter Brings Elegant Design To An Indoor Greenhouse

When most of the U.S. is covered with snow, and cold weather promises to be around for at least another five weeks (according to Punxsutawney Phil) we start feeling restless for Spring.  From a design house which likely knows the feeling well, Unison in Finland, comes an elegant planter that brings Spring right into your home.

Kiikku, a small town in southwest Finland not far from the Baltic Sea, was designed for Unison by Susanna Hoikkala and Tanja Sipilä, two members of the Helsinki-based Design Machine, interior design. 

Known for their ceramic work, the pair designed the porcelain square pots to slide right over the interior knobs of the walnut ladder-like planter frame - a design that not only offers the lovely pots maximum security, but gives the pots more visibility, and the entire design a wonderful architectural symmetry.



A wall of Kiikkus would make a great indoor greenhouse year-round!




All you need to do is supply the plants, their nourishment, and yes, some light would be good, even if it's reflecting off the big blanket of snow....



Check for availability nearest you at Unison