Reach Out and Kik Someone – A New Way to Text Message

Kik is the new multi-platform, crazy fast text messaging application that is available on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 7, Symbian Kik - AndroidKik - Androidand Blackberry. I know you Luddites are asking why do you need another messenger and my fellow geeks are probably asking the same thing. Kik has reimagined texting for smartphones.

One of my favorite features about Kik is the ability to tell that my message was delivered and also if it's been read. No sense in sending repeated text messages if the person has their phone off.  Now you know that your message has been seen.

Kik is a great product for online dating.  Let’s say Mr/Ms Perfect and you are having some nice chats through whatever dating service you’re using (, Chemistry, OKCupid!, SugarDaddie, CougarLife…. Craiglist?) and you want to speed things up a notch.  Kik is the way to do it without worrying about a Stage 5 Clinger having your phone number.  IKik - Smiley FacesKik - Smiley Facesnstead of giving this person your phone number to text you, you now can give them your Kik’s username and the two of you can text the days away, exchanging pictures (and innuendo) while still have a little distance, safety and anonymity. Emoticons convert to smiley faces and if they break your heart -- there's an icon for that too!  Kik is also great for your Twitter direct message (DM) followers and some of your FaceBook “friends” you don't know as well.

Kik - iPhone - Multiuser ChatKik - iPhone - Multiuser ChatAnother great feature of Kik is multi-user chats. If you and Jessica want to watch the football game and Jessica wants to invite Ted and Tera, it is now easy to coordinate everyone’s schedule by basically creating your own chat room on your phone.  Everyone can see anyone’s responses while still being able to chat privately which each individual.  Best of all, if Ted is going to be late, he just needs to send one text and the rest of the crew will be able to view it.
Kik - BlackberryKik - Blackberry
Kik is very fast. If I’m sending a picture via text, Kik is my go to choice because it is much faster than sending via regular text message.  Plus you can Kik a picture to someone over WiFi while you’re on a phone call.  This may not seem like a big deal but many carriers will not allow picture to go across on MMS until you end your phone call. 

Kik is great for communicating with military service members that are out of country.  While phone service may be blotchy, many military bases have WiFi and Kik can be used to SMS over your phone via WiFi to allow husband and wives or girlfriends and boyfriends to communicate more easily.  Especially with Valentine’s Day or an anniversary or any other important event coming up where timing is an issue.

I like to think of Kik as a modern, improved Yahoo! Messenger. Kik is a great social media application that certainly has a purpose, try it out and send me your feedback. Why not Kik your crush this Valentine's Day?


Apr 3, 2012
by Anonymous

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May 5, 2012
by Anonymous


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