Killer Apps For Apple iWatch Need To Be Disruptive, Not iPhone Clones

The much anticipated April 24th launch of the Apple’s Watch (which I prefer to call "iWatch" no matter how it's Killer Apps for Apple iWatch Need Be Disruptive, Not iPhone ClonesKiller Apps for Apple iWatch Need Be Disruptive, Not iPhone Clonesmarketed) has got developers scrambling to create a killer app that will not only give credence to the need for an iWatch, but will distinguish the development team as the coolest kids on the digital block..

Developers seeking to make a mark. . .

Young developers have always known the opportunity for creating something great with Apple is a worthwhile once-in-a-lifetime shot at giving them prominence on the technological landscape. Killer apps normally grab immediate attention in the marketplace and are the leading drivers in spawning new companies — very similar to what transpired with iPhone.

Just think about what transpired even over the course of the last five years — with the entré of the photo-sharing app Instagram which grew into a $1 billion business bought by Facebook Inc, and Snapchat, the ephemeral messaging app that was different enough from everything that went before and currently carries a $19 billion-dollar valuation.

Not an easy thing being killer. . .

However, to achieve that type of disruption with this technology is no minor achievement. Android smartwatches have been in the market for almost three years, and to date developers have not been able to produce anything even resembling ‘killer.’ Android Wear does a good job delivering notifications and other alerts to your wrist, but the selection of apps in inventory are limited.

The one app that comes the closest to distinguishing itself as such is IFTTT (short for If This Then That). This software was built to connect events into a simple statement that triggers an action. For instance, if the EPA says that the UV Index today will be 6 or 7 today, the smartwatch will alert its wearer, reminding him to apply sunscreen.

These recipes, as they are called, can range in subject matter from stock prices to Craigslist posts or your calendar. And while you can get these kind of alerts on your computer or cell phone, it might be a god-send should you be alerted to your wife’s birthday when you were too busy to check those other devices. But again, not a killer app!

Apple Limitations . . .

Software developers indicate it will not be easy to create a "killer app" for iWatch because few have seen the product and the software is still in test mode.

Apple has declined to comment on why developers cannot access certain features, such as the gyroscope and accelerometer. App designer Mark Rabo believes Apple is spurring creativity though restraint. He sees the challenge as "not trying to take a phone app and cram it into a Watch."
American Airlines' AppAmerican Airlines' App
"People are playing it pretty safe and right now just extending their (existing) applications,” noted Ryan Taylor, design director at the software firm Normative Design. For instance, the watch apps that will come part and parcel at launch are existing apps such as American Airlines, Twitter and Uber.

What Apple is "trying to do is get people to think of apps differently than an iPhone app. That cultural shift is taking a little bit more time and that's OK," added Taylor.

The iWatch is Coming, the iWatch is coming. . .

Of worthwhile note, Mark Rabo’s development group might be approaching what could eventually develop into a ‘killer app’ -- with software they are calling “Revere.’ The name for which I can only assume harkens back to that famous midnight ride by the revolutionary patriot who alerted his Colonial brethern to the approach of the British forces.

This app ties notes to calendars prompting a very unique alert system. The Watch will actually recognize the wearer is walking into a meeting and will pull up previously dictated notes about the attendees.

So at this juncture, all we can say is iWatch is a technologically advanced device in search of some major bells and whistles. So are you one of those ’early adopters’ who will be queuing up at that local Apple Store just like you did back in 2007 for your very first iPhone?

Or are you going to wait it out for some of those killer apps to start rolling in? P.S. Looks like Dick Tracy has been waiting a few years longer than the rest of us!

Mar 12, 2015
by Anonymous

If you Develop a killer app

If you Develop a killer app that means you have to make your app Disruptive for kids.

Mar 13, 2015
by Ron Callari

Good point - but there's

Good point - but there's PARENTAL CONTROLS on most of todays' apps and devices. 

Mar 18, 2015
by Anonymous

I doubt whether these killer

I doubt whether these killer app will be safe? What about security features?