Killer Bloody Heels From The Kamaeleon Shoe Collection

It's been the year of the vampire, with all sorts of fashion designs and accessories coming out of the woodwork featuring puncture wounds from fangs and dripping with blood. Some designs have been subtle and classy, others go to extremes. The latest design goes to new heights that just might kill!

Killer Bloody HeelsKiller Bloody Heels

These bloody booties from The Kamaeleon Shoe Collection is a bold vampire design, dripping with blood. The expression "those shoes are to die for" or "those are killer shoes" has been a tongue-in-cheek way to describe hot fashions, but with these ones, you can almost take the expressions literally! 

There's no such thing as coordinating these shoes with an outfit, but to avoid being too matchy-matchy, only one vampire or gory piece per outfit is recommended.

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Via: TrendHunter