8 Killer Heels To Complete Your Halloween Costume Ideas

A pair of killer heels can complete any outfit and this Halloween complete your killer costume with a pair designed to hurt, scare and intrigue. No one will be looking at your costume when you've got a pair of frightening, sky-high stilettos on your feet. Women sacrifice for fashion all the time, for the perfect accessory, a little bit of pain for fashion is worthwhile; but it's hard to say whether it's you that will be hurting with these frightening shoes or another guest at the Halloween party.

#1 Killer Halloween Heels - Shoes for the Beheaded Queen

Spikey Halloween HeelsSpikey Halloween Heels

These scary heels appear ideal for royalty with their gold design. Just think, you could become the beheaded Anne Boleyn with her head chopped off. With these hoot heels, no one will ever notice that you've still got your head!

#2 Killer Halloween Heels - The Death-Defying Ballerina Slippers

Killer Ballerina SlippersKiller Ballerina Slippers

 Only an undead ballerina would be able to pull off a move like this in these killer shoes, so get yourself a pair and pull off the impossible to finish off a macabre dancer costume. These shoes were actually designed by Christian Louboutinfor an exhibition. While they weren't created for wear, a brave soul could certainly try.

#3 Killer Halloween Heels -Dangerous Shoes For The Dominatrix

Bondage, Frontless ShoesBondage, Frontless Shoes

While these shoes actually made a few different models toting similar designs tumble on the runways last spring, these could surely complete a sexy dominatrix outfit this Halloween. Just think, as other party goers are busy trying to determine how you manage to keep upright in them, you can take advantage..of the free drinks, of course!

 #4 Killer Halloween Heels - Deadly Gun Heels


Designed by Laurence Decade for Chanel, these dangerous shoes are to die for. The gun shoes are exciting and can fit into virtually any Halloween outfit. Whether you're going as a bank robber or a gangster, these shoes are hot and deadly!

#5 Killer Halloween Heels -  Rock 'N Roll Kicks

 Spiked HeelsSpiked Heels

These heels from Dolce and Gabana's spring 2007 collection are ideal to complete a rocking Halloween costume.  Go rocker-chic whether you're dressing up as a groupie or a gal behind the guitar!

#6 - Killer Halloween Heels - A Scary Take on Ruby Slippers

Scary Ruby SlippersScary Ruby Slippers

After all of her adventures in Oz, Dorothy must have kicked the bucket by now, no? So why not take advantage of macabre interpretation of ruby slippers? Or, play upon their whimsy and dress up as Alice in Wonderland. These shoes were part of 2008's Fashion Week 'Kansas Project' where designers were to modernize Wizad of Oz fashions.

#7 Killer Halloween Heels - Good Witch Gone Bad Heels

Scary ShoesScary Shoes

Even a good witch needs to get her bad on now and again, and these white designer heels are ideal. Embrace your inner white witch this Halloween and help her break out of her shell!

#8 Killer Halloween Heels - Police Stilettos

Police HeelsPolice Heels

With so many 'bad' yet sexy shoes hitting the pavement this Halloween, these police heels will be needed to keep the peace!