Killing Me Slowly With Fred's Toothpicks

Fred's got a couple killer tooth products on the market, and there's soon to be a new one: Hokus Poke-Us. Do you think Fred has a sense of humor? Does he have a certain thing for teeth? His toothy products are covered here, so you decide.

Hokus Poke-UsHokus Poke-Us

1. Hokus Poke-Us an up-and-coming Fred toothpick holder, soon to be joining Fred's Ouch, TouthPiks™, Sweet Tooth, Pick A Tooth. and Tooth, The T'Brush Holder. Perfect for parties or hor d'oeuvres. Good for a few smiles, don't you think?

Fred is Fred Roses, the "Big Enchilada" of Fred and Friends, designers of fun, but seriously functional gadgets and gizmos for the home. "Stuff that works, puts a smile on your face, and doesn't cost a fortune," writes Fred. Fred's friends, of Fred and Friends are designers, like Jason Amendolara, who created Hocus Poke-Us, and Christina Sciullo, who designed the Hocus Poke-Us package seen below.

Hokus Poke-Us makes me think of poor Nell Fenwick, bound and tied by evil-doer, Snidely Whiplash. In this case, I just wish that Dudley Do-Right of the Royal Canadian Mounties would rescue Nell before she's toothpicked to death.

2. Ouch!

Also party-able, and I'm guessing the precursor to the Hocus Poke-Us toothpick holder, is Ouch! The Voodoo Doll Toothpick Holder that promises that your "olives will never be boring again." The Ouch! gets me where it hurts, but not in the pocket. Ouch! is available in Ouch Grey and Ouch White from from $7.95.

Ouch, Voodoo Doll Toothpick HolderOuch, Voodoo Doll Toothpick Holder


3. Pick A Tooth

And what does a toothpick do when it's not spearing olives or ladies in distress or voodoo dolls? It picks your teeth, of course! So Fred's makes a perfect porcelain-looking toothpick holder for your kitchen table called Pick A Tooth.

Pick A ToothPick A Tooth


4. Sweet Tooth

Keep Sweet Tooth handy so you can always get to your sweet stash. Much more attractive than a candy jar, the Sweet Tooth container is in wry form. Goes great with most kitchens! In sweet white translucent plastic.

Sweet ToothSweet Tooth

5. Tooth T-Brush Holder

I can't ignore Tooth the T-Brush Holder when I'm writing a blog about Fred's tooth fetish, so I'll skip over to the bathroom real quick and give you a glimpse of the white porcelain Tooth. Kids watch out; it's breakable!


Tooth T'Brush HolderTooth T'Brush Holder

6. ToothPiks™

Back to the kitchen for the pièce de résistance... It's the Tooth Pik, new from Fred's toothsome lot! Not a common tooth pick that picks your teeth, but one that picks up your food! It stabs (Violence is not above Fred and Friends, you may have noticed.), it spears, it scoops, and it schmears, says the ad copy. And Tooth Piks are pretty clever utensils, conceivably replacing the knife, fork, and spoon in the hors d'oeuvres department. Twenty-three white and one lucky gold molar in a pack of reusable ToothPiks.


Can't help but smile at Fred's "stuff," but wait, let me make sure my teeth are clean.

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