Killing Time with the Alarming Gun O'Clock

Stop that annoying noise or I'll shoot!Stop that annoying noise or I'll shoot!
Alarmed by violence? This won't help - the new Gun O'Clock from Japanese toymaker Bandai, due for release this November 15. It's just the latest of a number of weird and bizarre alarm clocks that require the bleary-eyed sleeper to take extraordinary means to quell that persistent wake-up call. In this case, it's shooting the clock.

The Gun O'Clock plays on a familiar theme - wanting to "kill" that annoying, super loud alarm which has been designed to wake you from your all-too-short slumber. Now, you can do just that... but it takes a clear shot to the target's bullseye and by the time you've accomplished that, you're wide awake. Two "game modes" are offered: Time Trial and Random Shot. Check out the Gun O'Clock in action, in this hilarious Japanese (with English overdub) video:

Some may question the psychological effect of waking up and grabbing for your gun, but obviously those are folks who don't live in the USA, or at least some parts of New Jersey. For the latter, the main danger would be to use the Gun O'Clock's remote on an intruder while blasting your loud clock with your loaded Glock. Still want one? It makes a great travel alarm clock - well, maybe not. They're priced at 4,280 yen (about $43) plus shipping. (via TokyoMango and Impress Watch)

Editor's Note: Th Gun O'Clock may have been discontinued but an almost identical gun target alarm is now availalble in the U.S.You can see it here at Amazon.

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