Kindle Stars On Android After Successful Guest Appearances On iPhone, iPad & Blackberry

Coming this summer to an Android phone near you, Kindle struck a deal with Google after successfully lining up partnership arrangements with Apple and Blackberry RIM products. Just when you think this eBook Reader might become an afterthought as a result of the onslaught of tablet devices, it continues to show its moxie adapting to the evolving digital landscape.

Kindle for Android works on phones running Android 1.6 or better. and the free app will bring its special features such as automatic sync of bookmarks, notes, highlights and the ability to read books in portrait or landscape mode. Differing from its iPhone and iPad deals, Kindle for Android will provide users with the ability to buy books through the app itself, which includes Amazon's vast library of a half million e-books.

Those who own Apple devices currently have to buy Kindle books via the Safari mobile Web browser because Amazon is unwilling to give up 30% of its book sales to Apple's iBook Store. (For more on how Kindle differentiates itself to compete with iPads and Sony Readers see - "Kindle's New Features OutPad The iPads & OutRead The Sony Readers?" )

Kindle has created a landing page where they highlight the Whispersync technology which automatically synchronizes your last page read. This allows readers to leave off on one device and then use a smartphone or another device to return to the last-page read. With full, live synchronization of bookmarks and the last page read between devices, this feature distinguishes Kindle from the competition.

With the eBook Wars kicking into high gear and Google Editions joining the fray, the consumer will have a lot of options this summer (See "Google Editions vs Kindle vs iPad - Ramp Up eBook Selling Wars"). Strategically however, Kindle's move to spread its products across multi-platform devices will allow it to compete head-on with all the players that have been attempting to usurp its dominance in the space.

With Google I/O Conference commencing on May 19, Kindle's Android announcement will be reinforced at this developers' conference. Since Android is now a mainstream operating system that is increasingly butting heads with Apple's iPhone for marketshare, it was wise for Google to seal their deal with Amazon, if for no other reason than to place another feather in their ubiquitous cap.

The Kindle Android package isn't available quite yet, but readers can sign up on their registration page for updated release announcements.

Similar to the Apple culture that seems to have surfaced amongst its loyal users, could there also be a "Kindle Culture" emerging? This cartoonist apparently thought so... when he published this cartoon last year to take a satirical swipe at the text-to-speech feature on Kindle 2.