Kindle vs Nook & Sony Reader

Sony, in its latest attempt to compete head-on with Amazon's Kindle's  and Barnes & Noble's Nook success is attempting to open a storefront online of its own. In spite of a previous failure at a similar venture back in 2005, is Sony ready for a comeback? And if not, does Amazon's Kindle or Barnes & Noble's Nook win in this year's Holiday Sweepstakes?

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UPDATE- January 6, 2010 : Sony's Daily Readers are now available at Amazon. After the holidays, I posted the following updates- "Kindle, Sony, Nook vs Apple, Google, Microsoft - One Trick Ponies vs Multimedia Devices" and  "Kindle, Nook and Sony - E-book Reader Comparison Reports".

UPDATE- February 9, 2010: This posting talks about how the 'tablet' devices might overtake the e-Readers "Tablet Wars: iPad vs HP Slate vs JooJoo vs Dell Mini 5 vs Archos7 vs Notion Ink Adam"

UPDATE- April 8, 2010: Kindle and Nook go retail - Kindles will now be available at Target Stores, while the Nooks are on sale at Best Buy - " Kindle vs Nook, Target vs Best Buy - eBook Readers Go Retail!"

UPDATE- May 2, 2010:
Kindle adds new differentiators to compete with iPads and Sony Readers. Is it enough? - "Kindle's New Features OutPad The iPads & OutRead The Sony Readers?"

UPDATE- May 18, 2010:  Kindle goes multi-plaform by adapting to Android, following iPhone, iPad and Blackberry versions - "Kindle Stars On Android After Successful Guest Appearances On iPhone, iPad & Blackberry"

UPDATE - May 30, 2010: 
Kindle's next-generation scheduled for August, 2010 - "Kindles Might Be Getting Thinner, But No Color, Nor Touch-Screen?"

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UPDATE - October 12, 2010:  E-Readers added to Libraries lending programs - Kindles, Sony & Nook e-Readers Allowing Libraries To Thrive In Information Age?

UPDATE - November 7, 2010:  Kindle has been found to scale the "Great Firewall" of China - Social Media Leaps The "Great Firewall" Of China With Kindle In Black Market

UPDATE - November 11, 2010: Amazon criticized by social media for releasing objectionable books in print and on Kindle - "Social Media Outraged By Amazon's Objectionable Titles"

UPDATE - December 27, 2010 - Check out all of the resources for free Kindle Books - "Kindle Gets Booked On Several Counts Of Free Content"

UPDATE - February 8, 2011 - New Kindle features update - check it our here- "Kindle's New Social Media Features Sends Message:'You Are What You Read'"

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UPDATE - November 22, 2011 - Kindle is on fire - find out why? "Kindle Fire Review: 5 Things Amazon's New Tablet Is Missing"

UPDATE - November 23, 2011 - Nook Tablet expanding its functionality - "Nook Tablet is Kindle Fire’s worthy foe"

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While Sony will link its products to its vast library of digital content, the biggest difference with Amazon and Barnes & Noble is that in addition to selling product,  according to a Money Times report at Sony's online service will permit visitors to tap into their preference for social networking by allowing them to  create an account where they can upload their videos, photos and other digital content.

Unfortunately a Business Week article indicated the store will not make the holiday deadline and will open some time first quarter in 2010.

Another set-back for Sony are the number of reports flooding in, that the company cannot guarantee its new Daily Edition Reader will reach online buyers in time for Christmas.

Sony is currently taking pre-orders on its site for the $399 Daily. But it's telling buyers that the device will ship between December 18th and the first week of January. And the product won’t reach physical stores until January.

This is unfortunate, since Sony's success with their e-Readers was gaining significant traction in recent months (read my previous blog, "Sony Reader vs Amazon's Kindle - Battle For e-Readership!")

Barnes and Noble experiencing similar issues says that pre-orders of its stylish new Nook e-Reader have exceeded expectations and the company has sold out its initial supply. Anyone promising a friend or loved one a Nook for Christmas will have to provide them with a gift certificate and an apology. Barnes & Noble says the earliest that customers will receive their devices is January 4.

Amazon had similar problems in previous years but now appears to have figured out how to meet the demand for Christmas 2009. That leaves the Kindle as the most prominent wireless e-Reader available for the holidays, although Sony is still selling two non-wireless Readers, The Pocket and The Touch, which must be plugged into PCs to download books.

See some of the feature enhancements of this year's new Kindle 2 in this CNet video...

Also if you're a graphic novel fan, comics have made their way to the Kindle library in a big way! Out of hundreds of adaptions, see the "Top Ten Graphic Novels for Kindle."

So it looks like Amazon's Kindle is the big winner this holiday season! And perhaps to rub 'salt into the wounds,----> this just in from Amazon spokesman, Drew Herdener - referring to the Nook, he wrote, “Kindle is 40 percent thinner, 10 percent lighter, with 2 times the battery life. It’s the best-selling, the most wished-for, and the most gifted product on Amazon across all product categories — not just electronics. Kindle manufacturing is humming, and the latest generation Kindle — just released in October — is in stock and available for immediate shipment today.”

Santa BezosSanta BezosSo hats off to Santa Bezos, even if he did steal the name of his online store from some folks in South America.

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Nov 22, 2009
by Anonymous

why e-readers?

I am curious why people are buying e-readers rather than netbooks. From what I have seen most netbooks are cheaper than the readers, and in color. I have the first generation Kindle but at this point plan to buy a netbook rather than the Kindle2.

Nov 24, 2009
by Anonymous

Netbooks are not ideal for

Netbooks are not ideal for reading. Not only because of the horizontal orientation of the screens but the fact that they use LCDs and not e-ink displays like ereaders. Simply put, ereaders are specifically designed and optimized for reading ebooks. Netbooks are not. A netbook has its uses but it is not ideal for reading. Personally I already have a netbook and have no desire to read ebooks on it, but I do want a Nook specifically for building an ebook library.

Dec 15, 2009
by Anonymous

netbooks vs e-readers

It comes down to the technology used. I find staring at an LCD screen for more than an hour to be a huge strain on my eyes. Looking at a Kindle is like reading a real book. No headaches.

Dec 18, 2009
by Anonymous

Where are the big wigs?

I'm curious, and maybe it's because I'm not as up on all this techie stuff as most, but why aren't Apple, Gateway, or Microsoft putting out these eReaders? Are they waiting to see if the craze will really stick like say, 'um, the iPod or any mp3 player ever . What's the deal?

Does anybody have an answer to that?

Curious to know

Dec 19, 2009
by Anonymous


Microsoft has an excellent eReader Program----computer based
and many available free eBooks.
The Product Development and marketing cost for the Kindle-etc...
is very high. Kindle content availability is a very big selling point.
The net book program allowing for shift of screen image
allows this device to be used as an eReader too.
Perhaps Amazon President is also working toward
shifting from private format to universal.

As for eReaders --- the best is yet to come methinks.

Dec 19, 2009
by Anonymous


I've been researching and comparing the Kindle with the Nook before purchasing - then I saw and HELD a Sony at the mall today. I'm impressed - it has several features that I personally like that the other don't - I can download e-books from library sites, it reads audio books (just plug in your headphones) stores photos and PDF's. And your library is stored on your pc, so you can share books.
They also have a case with a built in light. I think I'm leaning towards the Sony.
Does anyone here have one?
My 2nd choice is the Nook, but availability for the Nook is now February.

Dec 20, 2009
by Anonymous

Nook vs Kindle vs e-reader by sony

Do the Sony erader, the nook and the kindle all have wifi capability to download books from. If not which ones do? Can you listen to books being read with earphones on all three?? and if so do you have to buy speial audi books or can all books be audio?? I have been trying to figure out which of the 3 is best for months and still not sure. The sony (not hand held pocker size) is the only one that seems to have the option to write notes with a stylis and make test notes when you are reading books. Is that correct? Is it also the only one that stores photos and pdfs? The the sony the only one you can share book for free with friends and if so how do you do that?

Dec 22, 2009
by Anonymous

I don't know about the

I don't know about the others but kindle has a similar idea to a cell phone, so you don't have to have wi-fi for books. You can download anywhere. When I bought mine I bought some books while it was shipping and they were on the device when it came. I love mine.

Dec 25, 2009
by Anonymous

A Mom's View

From my perspective the most important reason to e-read is for the kids. Huh, you say? Have you ever seen the amount of books kids (at least the ones in my town) are carrying in their backpacks today? From 6th grade through high school the backpack must weigh 15 to 30 lbs! All the companies making e-readers should make it a priority to add middle-school, high school and college textbooks to their e-books! I know the universities may reject this idea but so what! Isn't it still a free world - in the USA? Some us prefer the e-books to the load! I told you it is a Mom's point of view!

Dec 27, 2009
by Anonymous


If you own a Kindle, where are your books backed up? What happens if your Kindle is lost, stolen, or damaged - how would you recover your library? Is this not an issue for the Sony reader, since you download books via your PC? Or what is the recommended backup for the Sony reader?

Dec 28, 2009
by Anonymous

Sony Reader

I got one for Christmas and was very disappointed. First, the black type on gray is tough to read unless you are in proper light. Second, since the screen is glassy, there are times when you find yourself staring at yourself in the glassy screen while trying to focus on the text. Third, the Sony website is far inferior to the Barnes and Noble website and doesn't offer as many titles. Fourth, (not a real important point, but...) you cannot justify the type on the Sony Reader; all pages are unjustified, and of course all books have justified margins.
For my tastes, Sony falls far short of being a comfortable and useful reader.

Dec 29, 2009
by Anonymous

Sony vs Barnes & Noble

Your comments about Sony features are correct... However I am a tad frustrated with the limited number of business titles of my favorite books from the Sony e-reader site. I was only able to locate 6 of the top 17 business books I targeted for download on the Sony site and the Sony does not allow loading of books from barnes and noble (which has a better library of business books to my taste - they had 11 of the 17 )

Dec 29, 2009
by Anonymous

Sony vs Barnes & Noble

Your comments about Sony features are correct... However I am a tad frustrated with the limited number of business titles of my favorite books from the Sony e-reader site. I was only able to locate 6 of the top 17 business books I targeted for download on the Sony site and the Sony does not allow loading of books from barnes and noble (which has a better library of business books to my taste - they had 11 of the 17 )

Dec 30, 2009
by Anonymous

e Text Books

i am a college professor, and some text books are available for ereaders.
To find out whether your text are available in epub (or other) format check the publisher's website. The etexts I use from Wadsworth are available for about half the price of books, and the whole book or individual chapters can be purchased. You can also try asking at the University book store which titles are available. The more people ask for ebook texts the more likely they will become available. I am trying to figure out which ereader to buy for myself.

Dec 30, 2009
by Anonymous

Sony vs others

I've had my Sony PRS-700 for about 6 months now and love it. Yes, the text is not as clear as a Kindle, but still (for me) very easy to read.

Some posters have commented on the lack of titles on Sony's website. One of the reasons I opt'd for the Sony and not the Kindle was that the Sony was not specifically tied to the Sony bookstore. I've downloaded books from Google Books, Sony, and, as well as random PDF's (some that I've created myself) - the flexibility of being able to go to multiple sources to find the content I want, rather than the content that someone else says I should be limited to, was a big win for me.

Jan 1, 2010
by Anonymous

Sony and Barnes and Noble

I recently purchased a Sony, of course I had asked the salesman if I could download from BN and was told the only one I couldn't would be from Amazon as their format was different. He worked for Borders. Enough said. I purchased an eBook from BN and I can read it on my PC but it will not transfer to my Sony. I get a "not authorized to preview eBook message." A tech at Sony said there was a way to by-pass the normal route from PC to Sony that other buyers had discovered by trial and error. If anyone knows how to do this please pass info on. I just didn't want to wait unknown months for the Nook once I had decided an eReader would be convenient to have. BN has been my preference for books for years, I would hate for that relationship to end.

Jan 3, 2010
by Anonymous


I've held and played with a Kindle, and it was REALLY SLOW....So what should I go with? I'm a teenager..I really like to read and listen to music at the same time........WHAT DO U THINK I SHOULD GET???

Jan 4, 2010
by Anonymous

Sony vs Nook

I've had a Sony eReader (the PRS-505 model ( for a year). I love it BUT as soon as Barnes & Nobles has worked out the first edition glitches if any, I'm ditching my Sony for the Nook. Why? Because Sony's customer service frankly sucks. Excuse my french but its just plane awful. Sony should be ashamed how bad it is.

Customer service might not matter much for most technologies but for an eREader the selling point is buying and downloading a book for immediate gratification. If there is a download glitch, the expectation is that immediate contact of customer service will resolve the problem within 24 hours, usually less. (Sony needs customer service lessons from Apple's iTunes or Amazon)

I bought a digital book 8 days ago and am still waiting for sony to get me the book download or refund my credit card. Sony claims they offer customer service via live chat, email, or an 800 phone number but that's misleading. For help with book downloads only the customer service phone line can help and that is if you can get through the 90 minute phone queues and reach a knowledgable person to help. I was told they'd get back to me in a couple of days. I've called them, emailed them and still no results.

Sony isn't interested in selling books rather just gadgets so for my money, I recommend going with a company that knows how to make readers happy.... that would be either Barnes & Nobles or Amazon.

Because the Barnes & Noble Nook also offers the ability to read digital books from libraries as well as share books with other Nook readers.... I vote for the Nook over the Kindle. It's less proprietary in many ways.

Technologically all 3 companies have a quality product, but I've never had a customer service issue dealing with either Amazon or B&N.... I've had several with Sony.

Make your life easier.... go with the Nook. I plan to convert as soon as possible. By the way, with Nook you can download for library sites too. And all 3 allow one to listen to audio books...most of sony's features are available on the Nook. And the light thing is a non issue as all 3 offer a case with a built in light.

By the way, both Amazon and Barnes & Nobles have applications for the Apple iPhone & iPod Touch or a PC you can testdrive digital books software before making the larger investment in an ereader device.

Jan 4, 2010
by Anonymous


I don't see much in the way of textbooks for eReaders. I'm sure that will improve with time, but I looked on Amazon for any of the textbooks I need for next semester, and they are just not available. I also looked for previous texts just out of curiosity. Nothing.

The benefit of an eReader for me is to be able to carry my textbooks in a small light package. That's just not happening in the short time I have left in grad school. Too bad...I'd have paid for that!

Jan 5, 2010
by Anonymous

Sony customer service

I have had a very good experience with Sony. I am not computer savvy at all, but I foud their customer service very helpful and polite. I did have to wait a little on the line, but I guess that was due to all the holiday high volume of calls, nothing unexpected.... I guess you just have to know how to ask for help these days....

Jan 7, 2010
by Anonymous


You can either download directly to the ereader or to your pc. The ereader comes with the estore software that will load onto your pc. You can select the books that you want to download to your pc and then synch it to your ereader.

Jan 8, 2010
by Anonymous

So Which One is The Best One?

I found the comments for this article more helpful than the article itself. It seems to me that the title is very misleading as this was not about actually comparing the 3 devices to each other, but rather, about comparing which one would be delivered the quickest in time for Christmas. Really?

I would like to learn more about the actual devices, different experiences, both good and bad, that people have had with each device, and why I should buy one device over another. I first became aware of the ereader devices because of the advertisement for the Kindle on Amazon, but then learned that many people were unhappy with it. So, after doing a little more research, I discovered the Sony and now the Nook. I almost purchased a Sony when I found out about the Nook because it seemed to me that the Sony offered more than the Kindle, but now that I've learned about the Nook, I am just as confused as I was before. In the end, all I really want is for some help in figuring out which one is the best, offers the most flexibility, technology, and such, so that I can give them my hard earned money.

Oh, and on that note, it is very obvious when someone from Kindle is pushing the product in the comment section such as one anonymous comment above. So, if your trying to sell me, don't. I want real people in the real world expressing themself to me so that I may be educated on my purchase.

Thank you.

Jan 13, 2010
by Anonymous

Nookity nook nook nook!!!!

okay. so my new nook is supposed to come February 1st and i ordered it in december. it is January 13th so its not that far away from this point in time. i will post another when i get my nook and update everyone on wether it is better than the kindle. ( the sony sux.... already tried it.)

Jan 14, 2010
by Anonymous

BN on sony

You can always import your ebook files to the sony library by importing it the same as you would import music to your itunes or whatever. If the file is on your computer find its location in your folders (downloads, temporary, BN reader library, ect.) then go to File>Import Files (or the whole folder), same as with itunes. It can take some hunting if you don't remember which folder it was downloaded to. It's worked for me on every single file type that the sony ereader supports. I've yet to find anything that can stop me from reading any ebook.

Jan 18, 2010
by Anonymous

Very helpful indeed...

I HELD a Sony and I messed around with a nook...the onliest one I have never had my hands on was the Kindle (maybe they should have a few at Best Buys or something? because I know many of us like to touch before we buy)) Anyway...I was absolutely impressed with the Sony (Pocket and Touch Ed.) When I first saw the demo I was way across the isle at looked like a non-functioning demo until I went up close and saw it for myself! It really did look like paper (and that could also be because of the incandescent lights) but THAT sure sold me right there. I also saw the Sony demoed at Staples, Wal*mart and Borders...the pages were...sniff...beautiful! I am very much an early adopter of tech so I really wanted to get it but funds were low. Then this past Tuesday I was at BN and saw the demo of the was cool but it didn't impress me as much as the Sony. The slider bar at the bottom is a bit strange since it is color and the pages itself are gray scaled. That does turn off while reading but it is more a distraction than anything else but I suppose some people like that feature. And as far as Kindle is concerned...well all I have to go by are you tube demos...but from a tech point of view? The gray scale is all a matter of your own each person sees black and white and gray differently. The differences were insignificant in my opinion...B&W is B&W. OH my goodness...if somebody else complains of the page turns...each are either faster or slower by mere milliseconds! If THAT is going to really bother you...please don't comment about that! What friggen technology do you think we have?!? It's 2010...not 2513!!!! MAN O DAY!!! Beam me up Scottie!!! YOU don't even turn the page as What???
Anyway...back to the real subject at hand...when choosing your e's all a matter of preference...If you are tech savvy and in my opinion it seems like the vast majority of e reader purchasers ARE NOT...wifi and the ability to do 3G/4G instantaneous downloads is not a feature that will make or break the shouldn't be for our microwave instant society! That is what techs call a perk...not nothing of value. I could careless about that feature SINCE (in my opinion) it should be a free feature since the service itself is marketed as global and free. To pay for that ability and THEN complain that each venue offers not enough choices for downloads is redundant. I have no less trouble downloading FREE E books from my pc than you would grabbing them from the ether! It's a frivolous complaint and goes to show that there are still millions of people out there oblivious to what a real break through this kind of technology is.
Secondly, the audio feature is something of value if you are the kind of person who likes sound in the background while you read...something that depending on the day would or would not bother me...since all three give the feature of either music audio or speech to text (Kindle) is something as an individual should think hard upon. Just because a device does not offer said feature still does not make it inferior to the others. I personally don't like text to speech features on ANY electronic device but there is clearly a desire for such a feature that a vast majority of readers would enjoy.
Thirdly and this is more for the tech savvy readers...memory is never a problem in our tech modern society. SD cards are becoming less and less expensive (I own two 16G SD cards and both were purchased for less than $80) and a memory upgrade by SD card is actually cheaper than buying the unit with large memory anyway. With all three units able to hold THOUSANDS of books I don't know why this is even something to complain about! Has anyone even filled up their e reader with so many books that they actually ran out of memory???
All in all...each offers a venue unique and special to it's marketer. The Kindle for those who really are vivacious and insatiable readers who need information ALL the time, The Sony for those who love reading in general and have the option to take notes and read word docs, the nook for those who like to look at the cover art of books...each one unique and each one made for that special type of reader. Me? Well I am swayed more towards the Sony....cause lets face it as a writer myself...I really like the fact that if I am hit with a whim of inspiration while I am reading (which I often find as true) I can at least put it in a note and have it later for future reference. But hey, this is just my two bits!

Jan 18, 2010
by Anonymous

Don't do it!

I have the Kindle 2 and I have compared it against the Sony E-Reader as well as the new Nook. The Kindle 2 is simply phenomenal. The Kindle 2 has built in Wireless in which you can download any book in less than 60 (on average 30 seconds) and read immediately. The other 2 do not have that feature. Many times when I am simply showing off my book to someone, I tend to come across a free book to download again unto my system (so it's that easy)! In addition, another key feature that puts the Kindle above the other 2 is the built in dictionary. This feature is so important because anytime I am reading and I do not know a word, I simply move the mouse to the word and you get the definition, right there. I do not have to leave the page of what I am reading (which I believe that if you have to leave your reading page, many individuals would be discouraged from looking up the word in the first place). This simple feature right here, has allowed me to dramatically increase my vocabulary. Also, this book has text to speech. Yes, it is very boring speech, but however, I cam across folks who stated that when stuck in traffic, they simply can turn on the speech and have it read to them. (May be very important for individuals who are still in school and have to read very dry text anyway). In addition, you can download MP3's and photos into your Kindle 2. I know they said you can do that with the Sony (at least music), and the Nook I am unsure, but many people sadly believe that you cannot do the same with Kindle. Also, another simple but I find to be very important feature about the Kindle is that it has a page turn on both sides of the book. This is important because naturally many times when we read, we are not always reading sitting fully erect. We read while slouching and lounging. As a right handed person, I did not really notice that I use my left hand as many times as I did to turn a page. SO when one of my hands are simply unavailable because I am using it to support my head, it's in between my legs to keep warm, whatever the case, I simply use the other available hand. This helps me to not break my flow while reading. Another important feature is the text on board. Though the Sony e-reader has a touch-screen which only some is convenient, the Kindle has a full number and letter keyboard for those who the actual typing may be more convenient. This is important because I can take notes whenever and highlight and bookmark any portion of the book that I want. I remember when I tested the Nook at a Barnes and Nobles store, there system of doing this could not even compare. You would have to leave the reading page and go into a long menu, before you could simply type in the information. Why I say that the Kindle is better for this feature than Sony is because of the wireless again. Due to the wireless, anything you types, markup in your book, notes that you make, etc., automatically gets saved to the Amazon wireless server. This is so important because as I realized, if you happen to lose or your Kindle get broken, when you get a new one, it will literally have all of your information saved up and when you open up the new one, it will literally even open to the last page of what you were reading before you lost or broke your previous one with all of your notes and marks in all of your books still intact. Don't let the advertisements fool you, they are truthfully not important. For example, I see that some of you say the Sony allows you to download books from the library, well trust me, almost any book you can get from the library, you can get from Amazon. Some of you complain about a backlight, led light. The reason the Kindle doesn't have an led light is because truthfully it is no good for our eyes. If they were to have a backlight, that would encourage so many people to read in conditions that would be harmful to us, and in addition sue them later for it. Now Sony I find to be just greedy in this case, buy simply doing what the customers want, but not really doing what is in their best interest. In addition, Kindle 2 did not have a native PDF viewer, but they just allowed Kindle 2 users to automatically download it unto their reader so they now have that as well. Take note on the fact that I am not really discussing the Nook. That is because if any of you take the time to go to Barnes and Nobles for yourself and test it first hand, you will see that it is not even competition with the other 2. The representative kept talking about it like it was the best thing since sliced bread, but because I know what my Kindle 2 can do I knew what questions to ask. Too often, their features were just inferior and the design simply did not make sense. Considering it is the newest product on the market, I find that to be inexcusable. Kindle 2 wins hands down, because to me, your reading experience is magnified. I always liked to read however I did not read as much as I do now because it truly makes reading such a joy. Another pro about any book reader over the Netbooks, is that it is small enough like a real book (even smaller), so that you can carry anywhere, and read anytime (in the grocery store line, while waiting to pick up prescription medicine, while being pulled over by the traffic police- just joking), but anywhere, whereas though a netbook is small, it is simply not small enough to carry in most purses. I am also quite sure, that if I think long enough there are other pros about the Kindle 2, but I just want to you guys to really analyze each product on your own. Do not just read the professional reviews which often seem very biased. Go to customers who own or at least have viewed and used the products. Before I got my Kindle in thoroughly compare it with the Sony e-reader and then went to the Sony store to check it out first hand. Even though I got the Kindle 2 when it first came out, I went solidly from Kindle 1 reviews and read and compared the Kindle 2 new features to Sony. The key features that won me over was the Built in Internet (not wi-fi) that you do not even have to pay for, as well as the keyboard (which now I see the keyboard is not really that defining). Now that I have it, I see truly how much better is is than the e-reader. When I cam across the Nook, I didn't even know that it existed. When I saw it, I was so excited thinking how have they advanced the e-reader experience and was disappointed because it did not.

Jan 18, 2010
by Anonymous

So which one is the best one.

I've read through all of the comments and really appreciate what was written in the original note from "So which one is the best one". The remarks were plan and simple. There is a little something for everybody since we all have different preferences. As we all know, we WILL have different experiences when contacting customer service because we will deal with people with different personalities and knowledge base.

From this explanation, we should chose the one that is best for us because it doesn't sound like we can go wrong either way.

Jan 21, 2010
by Anonymous

sony e book

Don't really have experience of using e readers. However, bought daughter Sony PRS600R reader for xmas as she has moved to Australia. Within two weeks the screen has gone faulty....Sony don't have facility down under to repair. This was kept in padded 'book' cover too. Seems waste of money to me now. Wish I had picked up on her hints for Kindle.

Jan 23, 2010
by Anonymous


I got a Sony reader for Christmas. I bought 2 books on December 27. When I tried to charge it on December 31, it wouldn't. I called Sony and spoke to a very polite man named Oscar who tried his hardest to troubleshoot. Finally he said they would replace it and I would need to send the original back. On January 7 I got the was a refurbished model which Oscar never mentioned. I called and after much discussion,and transfers to several customer service reps, was told to send the refurbished one back (policy must be to replace after 30 days with a refurbished model) and they'd send a new one. I did. On January 15 I called to check on the status of the return and new one. They never heard of me. I was transferred several times. Denila told me I would recieve my new one in 5 business days. On January 22 I called again. Bernice argued with me that I sent the refurbished one back to the wrong address (never mind that I used the return label provided by them), that the policy was to send a refurbished one AND she wouldn't transfer me to another rep because she could take care of my issues. I have never been so angry at a customer service rep in my entire life. After much wait time, she told me she could immediately ship me a silver model. My husband bought me a red one and that is what I wanted it replaced with. Now my wait will be 10 more days since there were none in stock... I am considering returning this item to Best Buy and cutting my losses. I don't want to deal with Sony any more. Bernice turned me off of them and we have purchased many Sony items over the years. I do not want Sony to get another dime of mine, if any of it goes to the lousy customer service reps like Bernice!!

Jan 24, 2010
by Anonymous

Still can't figure out which one is best for me

I have a Kindle original and like it, but want to get something better. Here's what I am wishing for:
*Ability to organize books into folders or password protect documents (I don't necessarily want the casual browser to see every title I have stored)
*Ability to EASILY take notes on documents (PDFs) and download the notes to my computer (OK on a kindle but not as effortless as I'd like it to be)
*Ability to load large PDFs from my computer without any rigamarole (Amazon won't convert large files by email)
*Ability to read books from my Mobipocket library (not allowed on kindle)
*Long battery life (I love the kindle for that)
*Sleek and durable body (kindle plastic and keyboard feels flimsy although it hasn't broken yet; and white starts to look grimy with lots of handling)
*I'm not particularly worried about wi-fi or whispernet access, but need it to talk nicely to my computer
*Good viewing screen, fonts, and page formatting (I wouldn't be as happy if the text wasn't justified on-screen)(Kindle is fine for print aesthetics, although it can't handle greek symbols or other special characters in PDF documents)
~~~Would appreciate feedback on these specifics!