Kindle's New Features OutPad The iPads & OutRead The Sony Readers?

With the encroachment of eReader competition, Amazon's Kindle continually searchers for new differentiators. Whether it's enough to make a difference or its too little too late is up to the consumer.

Kindle gets social...

The latest new feature is the introduction of a 2.5 software update for its Kindle users to share book passages with their friends on Facebook and Twitter feeds. The plan is to roll it out to a limited group of Kindle users now, with  a full-blown launch scheduled for late May.

Coupled with this social feature, Kindle's new functionality called Popular Highlights, lets users see what the Kindle community thinks are the most interesting passages in the books users are reading.

What's up Doc?

Other new enhancements allow users to organize books and documents into one or more collections, zoom into PDFs to enlarge small print, tables and graphs. Users will also get two new larger font sizes for the visually-challenged and the existing fonts have "been sharpened up."

It speaks volumes...

While providing a Kindle app for the iPad, Kindle actually has inventory that boasts 7.5 times as many titles at launch, or 450,000 versus 60,000 according to media reports. Apple also failed to reach an agreement with publisher Random House before shipping the iPad, which means eager readers will need the Kindle app to download work from The DaVinci Code author Dan Brown and other Random House writers.

There are also many classics available for free to download on the Kindle.  These books include Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, Charles Dickens’ Hard Times and Homer’s The Illiad just to name a few.

Does size matter?

Comparable in screen size with the iPad, the Kindle DX has a 9.7-inch screen, whereas the Sony Reader Daily Edition is 7-inches providing more displays and reading screen space for Kindle users.

So again -  its up to the users if these features make a difference, and enough to sway a future customer in the Kindle direction versus iPads or the Sony Readers.(See Various Kindles)

For more detailed product comparisons between eReaders - see "Top Kindle, Nook & Sony eReaders' Product Comparison Reports."

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May 2, 2010
by Anonymous


Do any of the e-readers have a back light that allows it to be used only on demand? I haven't been able to find out. Thanks M Jones

May 3, 2010
by Anonymous

Amazon only as last resort.

I await Barnes and Noble's iPad Application, as I begrudge every penny to Amazon, who fight collecting taxes that finance everything, including literacy. How rapacious and uncaring.
Some states finance schools through sales taxes, but Amazon does not care.
Boycott is a favorite word of mine.

May 3, 2010
by Anonymous

Don't forget Barnes & Noble's eReader app and nook!

B&N also have their eReader app, currently available in an iPhone and iPod Touch version, and soon to be available as a dedicated iPad app, that will also enable iPad users to access content from Random House.

Why does this article talk about Kindle and Sony's products, but ignore nook?

May 7, 2010
by Anonymous


i hope amazon never pays state sales tax.... the obamunists simply want what they have never earned. they believe that they have a right to the treasury that they have the right to have the earners support them. the commie/fascist/progrossive/liberal/socialists support the obamunist because they want more from the government then they pay into to the government. stop trying to convince these thieves, it is impossible, their greedy hands are in the earners pockets and they will never stop unless you say NO MORE!!!! Then we as a nation need to get rid of the federal reserve and get back to the constitution and its original intent.

May 7, 2010
by Anonymous

right wing lunatic

I'm sorry that your mind is so befuddled that you can't even read an article about ereaders without drifting off into an incoherent rant about the perceived wrongs of the Obama administration.

This article was about the Kindle's new features; your political lunacy was not welcome.

May 24, 2010
by Anonymous

response to right wing lunatic post.

Contrary to your comment, it was an earlier post that brought up the political. Not the responder. I and other conservatives are not against taxes. But at what rate it too much? Since nearly 47% of people pay no federal tax but are allowed to not only vote on how much the rest of us pay and how that money will be spent it is a huge issue. Companies exist to make a profit and produce something that the buyer wants. Take away the profit and one will no longer have new and better products such as the ereader.
Contrary to popular belief, conservatives do care about others. My wife and I gave more than $1500 in charity to Children International alone. We support the medical and educational care of several Honduran children. Sound like a racist to you? Someone who does not care about education? As far as education, if it worked I would be glad to give more to improve it. But look at the evidence. Education is worse with increased money because the government does not care about efficiency. It is the public's money, not theirs so where is the incentive to spend cautiously? It does not. Personally I love apple products and hope the iPad will have range of books I'm interested in.
The unfortunate fact is that non-conservatives very rarely read the opinions or listen to SERIOUS conservatives. They simply watch MSNBC or CNN. Would you convict an accused criminal with only the testimony of the prosecution and never hear the defense. Sounds like you have with conservatives. Emotional but poorly thought through.
Meet, talk, and listen to conservatives. You will find they care just as much as you do but that they have seen the consequences of the policies that sound so good but do a great deal of harm to both those they wish to help and to the county.

Jul 3, 2010
by Anonymous

Collecting taxes??

Those taxes do nothing for the education of students in America--case in point, discussion with former public school teacher this morning whose children are home schooled and in public school now--95% of students in public school do not do homework. So, what education is being attained when homework is not done. Taxes to publication is mostly a waste. In fact, taxes for most public services are a waste because of the waste involved in delivery of these services. The tax issue in not Amazon's problem. It is our problem for not demanding better stewardship of our hard earned funds that public servants choose to squander per their choices and corrupt values.

Aug 29, 2010
by Anonymous


Why am I reading about politics when I'm trying to find out about an e-reader. You all need to stick to the topic and stick your politics up your a$$. I don't care what you think about taxes, obama, or anything other than e-readers.