The King and I (pod) – and the Spicy Things in Between

Our Guest Blogger, Bill E., is the influential yet largely ignored designer of the leisure suit. Bill lives in Denver, enjoys playing underwater ice hockey and is a die-hard fan of now-defunct activities across the globe. He wanted to share is funny invention finds with the readers of

Here's his article:

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Variety is the spice of life – that’s why there are so many Spice Girls, at least that’s what I’ve heard. Then again, maybe it was a sign in the window of a spice store. Anyway, as long as we’re on the subject, please read on for a variety of cool things sure to spice up your life.

The Burger King Mask

Now we know why scary clowns hide under the bed: They’re petrified of their creepy cousin, the Burger King. Wear this mask around town and watch with glee as your neighbors break out in the heebie-jeebies. The great thing (although it kind of scares us, in a way) is that the mask does all the work. No more tap dancing or stupid juggling acts. All you have to do is put on the mask and the King does the rest, freaking people out with that frozen smile and those lifeless eyes. Think you’re brave? The next time you’re alone, position the mask behind you, then slowly bring a mirror up to your face, until the King is visible in the background. You’ll crap your pants, put the mask outside in the trash, and sleep with the lights on – only to awake the next morning to find the King staring back at you from the nightstand. (Cue eerie music.)

Buy Burger King Mask via Greenhead


Baguette Computer Wrist Rest

Hungry for knowledge, yet a bit of a loafer, too? We know how you feel – and so does the inventor of this combo solution to carpel tunnel syndrome and the munchies.

It’s easy to get on a roll and sit at the keyboard for hours, especially if you are making lots of dough. With the baguette wrist rest (say “wrist rest” 10 times fast!), you can eat up more time focusing on work without going stale – or having to ice down aching wrists afterward.

The greatest thing since sliced bread? Tough to say, but this useful foam-rubber beauty certainly gets the job done – without the bother of cleaning up those messy crumbs!


Lost in Space Robot

“Danger, Will Robinson, danger!” Here’s one for the older kid on your list who tuned in weekly to the corny yet classic misadventures of the Robinson Family, Dr. Zachary Smith and, of course, the Robot, from that 60’s show, Lost in Space.

Often the target of Dr. Smith’s scathing diatribes, the unflappable Robot remained loyal to the mission – pressing on even through those life-threatening times when he had his power pack yanked out by Dr. Smith.

At 6 ½ feet tall, the Robot, were he to be cast today, would very likely find himself on an NBA roster, although his leaping ability is questionable and he can’t go to his left.

Still, with animated ear sensors, 511 pre-recorded phrases narrated by the original voice of Richard Tufeld, and a lifetime guarantee, the Lost In Space® B-9™ Robot remains an engaging conversationalist and techno icon.

iCarta iPod Stereo Dock and Bath Tissue Holder

Ever notice how house parties always seem to end up in the kitchen? Well, the iCarta iPod Stereo Dock and Bath Tissue Holder ensures your next bash ends up in the toilet.

The term “Party Pooper” takes on new meaning with this handy gadget that enables you to take your favorite tunes where ever you “go.” So pump up the volume, pass the chips – but please, not the gas – and get ready to party in the potty. Or, if you’re in Boston: Potty in the potty.

When the party’s over, you can enjoy your special time on the throne even more. Mother-in-law’s stew got you “on the run?” No worries, fire up the Stereo Dock and Bath Tissue Holder and rock on as you settle in to take care of business while listening to your iPotty.

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Scary Mask Spice…Loaf of Bread Spice…Robot Spice…and Toilet Paper iPOD Holder Thingy Spice. See what I mean about the whole “variety being the spice” thing? Go ahead, live a little – add some spice to your life.

Bill E
Guest Blogger