The King Of Cardboard: Designer Giles Miller

I discovered Giles Miller after spotting a very cool vase design he made out of glass, aluminum, and brass peelings, the latter being moldable into virtually any shape you want.  This vase naturally intrigued me, so I visited his website, where I found that most of Miller's designs have been carved from corrugated cardboard.  Jaw-dropping designs...

Most cardboard designs you find are functional, but not too imaginative.  Not so, Giles Miller cardboard...  Allow me to present just some of them.


1.  Brown Paper Handbag, Giles Miller

I have to show you some fashion items first, because it's a new area for Miller - a diversion from cardboard furniture designs.   The name, 'Brown Paper Handbag' is a plain one for a bag of such intricate design.  But here it is, corrugated cardboard, leather strap, and chrome buckles.  I'll leave the price to your imagination. 


Brown Paper Handbag: © Giles MillerBrown Paper Handbag: © Giles Miller


2. Cardboard Computer Case, Giles Miller

Another personal accessory I had to show you before I move to the exquisite cardboard furniture Miller created.  Aren't these cases sooo cool?  A sustainable and fashionable Mac bag.  Yes, they are only for Macbooks, but they come in three sizes!  Thirteen, 15, and 17 inch Macbooks.  Computer cases made of corrugated cardboard, leather strap, and chrome buckles.  


Cardboard Computer Case: © Giles MillerCardboard Computer Case: © Giles Miller


Cardboard Computer Case (for Macbooks): © Giles MillerCardboard Computer Case (for Macbooks): © Giles Miller



3. Flute Lamp (small), Giles Miller

Now, into lighting design. An OMG floral pattern for this floor lamp - what an eye-catcher.  The design, beautiful on the lamp as well as its reflections, is a trademark of Giles Miller.  Wait... you'll see more.


Flute Lamp (small): © Giles MillerFlute Lamp (small): © Giles Miller



4.  Grandfather C. (for Dovetusai & Skitsch), Giles Miller

The Grandfather C. can be flat-packed for shipping.  It's a real clock, don't worry, but it also has a reall cabinet with shelves, paying tribute to the traditional styles of British furniture.


Grandfather-C. (For Dovetusai & Skitsch: © Giles MillerGrandfather-C. (For Dovetusai & Skitsch: © Giles Miller



5.  Ex-Box Bench, Giles Miller

Miller gives his very first cardboard product such a descriptive name; it's "a structural and sculptural piece."  Well said!


Ex-Box Bench: © Giles MillerEx-Box Bench: © Giles Miller



6.   Pool Rocker: Giles Miller

The Pool Rocker is even more intricate than the Ex-Box in its sculptural design.  Writes Miller, "Inspired by Willy Guhl’s ‘Loop’ chair, the Pool Rocker makes a strong statement about the aesthetics and structural integrity of cardboard.


Pool Rocker: © Giles MillerPool Rocker: © Giles Miller


I can't show you every piece of Miller's cardboard furniture, so I'll share some interior designs he has set up as installations.


7.  Giles Miller at Kingly Court

Kingly Court is a modern and popular shopping center in London.  At a showroom, Millers furniture is stunningly presented.


Giles Miller at Kingly Court: © Giles MillerGiles Miller at Kingly Court: © Giles Miller


8.  Giles Miller at the Stella McCartny Store, Paris

This wide wall of exquisite images and patterns looks like it is either split by a glass door, or the glass is a mirror reflecting part of the wall mural that is opposite the mirror.  Miller creates room dividers in similar motifs.  They display Giles's talent not only a cardboard structuralist and sculptor, but as an artisan and artist.


Giles Miller at the Stella McCartny Store, Paris: © Giles MillerGiles Miller at the Stella McCartny Store, Paris: © Giles Miller



9. Giles Miller at Kingly Court

Miller's furniture can be adapted for a large space, like the living area above, or a smaller room, such as the interior of a bedroom.


Giles Miller at Kingly Court: © Giles MillerGiles Miller at Kingly Court: © Giles Miller



10.  Giles Miller at the Lighthouse Gallery, London

What a glorious lighting design!  And the Ex-Box Bench has been extended a few feet and made comfy with with some soft pillows.  Perfectly suited for a Miller show or for a museum or gallery featuring other works. 


Giles Miller at the Lighthouse Gallery, London: © Giles MillerGiles Miller at the Lighthouse Gallery, London: © Giles Miller


11.  Hirsutio Vase: Giles Miller

I couldn't finish this column without showing you the Miller piece that led me to his design spot on the web.  Here it is: The Hirsutio Vase, named so after a condition known as hirsutism in which excessive hair growth, particularly on the male body, is the result of lots of male hormones.  The Hirsutio Vase, like some male body hair, can be very wild and unruly.  As I wrote in the introduction, you can fluff the brass hairs into any design you like.


Hirsutio Vase: © Giles MillerHirsutio Vase: © Giles Miller


The Hirsutio Vase and other new works of Giles Miller, some cardboard, some not, will be on display at Stand C01 100% Design, London on September 23 -26, 2010.

Giles Miller, 100% Design, London