King Robota -- A Real Giant Robot?

Ranging anywhere from eight to sixteen feet in height, King Robota manufactures some amazing robots designed for corporate events and large entertainment venues.  But... how much of the robot is a robot?  Check out this video...

Cool?  Hell, yes!  But 100% robot?  I have my doubts as to the percentage of robot versus human.  I believe a combo is the best way to do this kind of creature.  And don't get me wrong... I think it's awesome.  I just have not been able to find any evidence of these giant robots to be actual giant robots.  Programming this accurate would be used for all sorts of studies--like space exploration or deep sea mapping and photography.  Um... instead we have crazy dancing and perps for high-end corporational parties?  What?

See.  That is cool.See. That is cool.

I'm shouting "Guy in really cool suit with other guys carrying wireless controllers within 20-feet of him".  Again--not slamming it; very cool stuff.  The first time I saw something like this was at a Science Fiction convention for a constume constest.  This guy was dressed up like a giant bug, complete with four arms.  All of the arms moved independently.  The top two arms were obviously his own.  The bottom two were being manipulated by a guy about 10 feet away with a radio-controlled car device.  Very cool.

And I think that's what we're dealing with here.  King Roboto rocks.  It is a feat of engineering and a marvel to experience.  But 100% robot?  I doubt it.

But, in the interest of keeping the dream alive, here is the link to the King Robota site.  There's no doubting that this is a cool entertainment creation.  The FAQ is interesting and vague--a well-written document that avoids specifics.

As snarky as I sound about King Robota, I would love to have one of their robots at a party.  They are really cool.