Kinivo Is The Low Cost Bluetooth Speaker System With Big Sound

Kinivo brings us their offering into the Bluetooth speaker market. Unlike many speakers in the $80-100 price range, the M2 by Kinivo is a three piece system with two high/midrange speakers and one 6.5" subwoofer. While this cuts down on the portability of the product, it lets the M2 system shine when it comes to full range audio. 

Kinivo Satellite Speakers and SubwooferKinivo Satellite Speakers and Subwoofer

First, let's talk about the specs and features. The Kinivo M2 comes with two satellite speaks and one subwoofer. The satellite speakers which handle your highs and midrange frequencies are 2.5" in size. The subwoofer, which handles the low end, is a 6.5" woofer.  The system pushes out 56 total watts, which is about average for the price range these speakers fall in. The only way to power the M2s are through an outlet, it would have been nice to see a battery powered option on the set, as well. The subwoofer "cabinet" houses all of the internals of the M2.

The subwoofer cabinet is also where you plug in the satellite speakers and adjust things like bass and treble. Volume control is on the side of the cabinet and is accented by a soft, glowing ring; a nice feature that adds a touch of style to the already good looking unit. With the M2, users also have the ability to play audio through a 3.5mm audio source, a nice bonus.

Volume KnobVolume Knob

That is enough of the technical specs. How does the M2 system sound? After days of testing with different volume levels and different genres, the M2 performed surprisingly well for a sub $100 system. The satellite speakers give listeners nice, crisp highs and mids, while still being able to get loud. This reviewer only experienced minor distortion at high volumes. With that being said, it took a lot to make them distort, higher listening levels than most users will ever reach. It would be easy to entertain a room full of chatty people without ever reaching the aforementioned distortion levels.

2.5" Satellite Speakers2.5" Satellite Speakers

The 6.5" subwoofer, on the other hand, leaves a bit to be desired. While it does a good job of picking up on the lows, they come off feeling slightly "empty." The wooden enclosure and ported box are quality work, but the deeper bass drops would leave me feeling slightly disappointed. Without getting too technical, the sub recreates "higher" lows fine, but when dropping below 30hz the woofer's sound quality drops (no pun intended). That being said, the tech aspects lists the woofer frequency at 30hz-100hz, so Kinivo makes it clear on the spec list. Fast bass lines will occasionally become muddled, but it is hardly noticeable. Overall, sound quality is very good on the M2 system. It's a very well rounded system, and the different components do not overpower each other. Being able to adjust the bass and treble means you can fine tune the system for any type of music, and the M2 responds very well to most styles of music. 

The Kinivo M2 Bluetooth Speaker System is not the best system on the market, but it doesn't claim to be. Coming in at in the $70-$100 range, the M2 is a very good bluetooth speaker system. Is it going to appease the hardcore audiophiles, probably not, but if you are looking for a strong, reasonably priced system for yourself or for entertaining, the Kinivo will be a good fit. With the RCA input, you can also hook up your laptop or any other 3.5mm equipped device which helps with the Kinivo's versatility. 

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