Kisai Round Trip Pocket Watch Spends Less Time In Pockets, More Time Being Awesome

All men love pocket watches. Really, how could we not? They're sleek and stylish, plus they make us feel just that much more like gentlemen. Sadly, finding a well-crafted metal time-teller these days can be a significant challenge, and many of us wish there was a sleeker, sexier version of the tried and true silver circle. Hold on to your top hats, gents, and enter the Kisai Round Trip Pocket Watch – cool like the original, and cooler than you'd think.

Basically, Kisai decided that it was time for a re-do of the pocket watch. Many men have an old, broken watch that their father or grandfather passed down, and while they are great as heirlooms and conversation pieces, they fail miserably at telling the time, largely due to the fact that they stopped functioning around the time the Second World War ended. Oh sure, specialty watch makers will crank out fancy gold and silver pocket watches that you can engrave with things like "Bigiwig Convention '10" or "John Q Willenbottom, Esq", but what about a watch for the masses?

Enter Kisai. Using a classic pocket watch design, but forgoing the cover, these Japanese watch warriors opted for a dark glass face that covers a set of super-bright LEDs. When the special activation button is pressed, the watch goes through a pre-programmed animation sequence before displaying the time in bold orange, cool blue and minty green LED lights. The face is set up similar to a traditional watch, and the small orange bars in the center represent the hours. The one that is flashing is the current hour. The middle ring of blue LEDs are the minutes, with each LED representing a three-minute chunk. So, if the fifth blue LED from the top (clockwise, of course) is flashing, it's 15 minutes past the hour.

Kisai Round Trip: Pocket Watch on the GoKisai Round Trip: Pocket Watch on the Go 

But wait! You cry. What if it's actually 16 minutes past the hour! What a ripoff! Fear not, watch enthusiasts, the good people at Kisai have got your back. At the bottom right of the watch are two green LEDs. If one is flashing, add one minute to the time. If both are flashing , add two. Ta-da! There is also a green "second hand", but it apparently serves no function except to look cool.

The Kisai Round Trip does not come with a chain, but has a top edge gap allowing for the connection of a key ring or other carrying device. This pocket watch is chargeable via USB.

It's not your daddy's pocket watch, but it sort of looks like it – until you turn it on. Then, you're a badass super-spy who can easily check the time before the next round of explosive shock grenades go off and you save the life of the Brazilian Prime Minister.

Or, you're just a guy with a cool watch and a generous dose of self-satisfaction. Either way, the Kisai Round Trip Pocket watch can help you get your freak on.

Source: Toykoflash Japan