Kiss My Ass! - 10 Great Hot Butt Ads (SFW)

Hot Ass Ad #4. Dressing for Pleasure I'm sort'a partial to the red panties...I'm sort'a partial to the red panties...

Combine BDSM and a popular condiment (not condom-condiment... you people are sick) and you get something that can't complain when you smack it on the bottom.

The idea of putting fetishistic imagery on ketchup is really funny to me.  I don't know how popular this campaign will be.  I mean, I can't see a nun smacking a nice ass adorned with fishnet panties just to get a little flavor on a burger.

Then again...  Yeah.  I can see that...  And I'm calling you people sick?

I'm gonna make an appointment with my therapist as soon as I'm done writing this article.  Promise.


Hot Ass Ad #5. SemosIs it a vase or two faces?Is it a vase or two faces?

At first I thought this was an ad for some sort of "slimming" underwear.  Nope.  Turns out that Photoshop lessons can make you lose weight-at least in an ad.


Hot Ass Ad #6. O2 Fitness

I've considered getting butt cheek implants...I've considered getting butt cheek implants...

I wonder how many people would choose the pain of popping their butt cheeks?  I suffer from "NoAssAtAll" disease, so I would probably keep my giant blue balloons-if only to provide cushioning while sitting on a barstool.


Hot Ass Ad #7. Arcor Bubble Gum

I wouldn't want to blow THAT bubble...I wouldn't want to blow THAT bubble...

Butt-face.  ‘Nuff said.


Feb 19, 2009
by M Dee Dubroff
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 John- Very


Very funny! 



Yours in Words,

M Dee Dubroff

Russian Innovations

Feb 19, 2009
by J. Barker
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It was fun to write...  Glad you liked it!

Feb 19, 2009
by Anonymous

Very cool

and I like your comments. :-)

Feb 19, 2009
by Anonymous

Great article :) When I saw

Great article :) When I saw the picture on the main page I thought it was just gonna be pictures of butts.