Don't Be a Sucker - Pucker Up to This Art

Kissing the Ceiling- EroynKissing the Ceiling- Eroyn

Millions of people kiss many things every day. Babies, relatives, lovers, pets, even the ground they walk on..…but a ceiling? Photographer Fred Muram has created a unique series titled ‘Kissing the Ceiling’.

Kissing the Ceiling - AdamKissing the Ceiling - Adam

Canadian photographer Fred Muram was born in Ontario and grew up with a curiosity about life. Through photography, he “became intrigued with the humbling episodes in which people were required to expose themselves in moments that seemed singular and awkward, but were in fact, mundane and shared.”

Kissing the Ceiling - BenKissing the Ceiling - Ben

‘Kissing the Ceiling’ is fascinating to me, because it makes me wonder why exactly they are doing it. Some of the images have a magical look to them, where you have to look closely to see how they are propped up in order to reach the ceiling.

Kissing the Ceiling - Jakie and EricKissing the Ceiling - Jakie and Eric

With everyday settings used in the images, nothing else seems out of place but the person in it. The faces of the people can’t be seen, so we are left to draw our own conclusions as to whether or not they are happy to be doing what they are doing.

Kissing the Ceiling - KatyKissing the Ceiling - Katy

Kissing the Ceiling - Kinu #2Kissing the Ceiling - Kinu #2

Kissing the Ceiling - LannyKissing the Ceiling - Lanny

Kissing the Ceiling - Tamar and NoahKissing the Ceiling - Tamar and Noah

I really like this series because it’s different. If we can kiss the ground we walk on, why not kiss the ceiling that covers our heads? My own interpretation of this is that the people are rejoicing about something, maybe happy to be alive?

I wonder what my mom would think if she walked in the room and saw me kissing the ceiling. She’s probably cart me off to the nearest mental facility.

What do you think? What are the people in these photos thinking?


Copyrighted images used with permission. Many thanks to Fred Muram