Is KissPhone Destined To Become New Cybersex Toy?


A freelance inventor, Georges Koussouros, has come up with one of the first cyberdildonic gadgets -- the KissPhone, capable of sending the real thing by phone from his mouth to yours with all the sensory connections of a real life kiss.

This KissPhone will detect percussion speed, pressure, temperature, and sucking force of the lips when you kiss it. An artificial mouth on the KissPhone receptor can reproduce the same parameters on the opposite end.  Koussouros writes that not only could the KissPhone device send and receive kisses, but it could leave a kiss on an answering machine or be uploaded and downloaded on the web.

Cybersex toys are slowly being introduced to the market. No doubt as these technologies are perfected, the market will be flooded by the toys.  The term "teledildonics" now better known as "cyberdildonics," was coined to organize the technologies in this field back in 1975, so you don't have to guess how long folks have been desperately waiting for their development.

But, back to the Kiss Phone...  If you received a really breathtaking kiss you could relay it to your friends.

"Oh.... oh... my... I can hardly talk, Beryl.  I, uh...  just got a kiss from George Clooney... ah... ah... well, here it is... Beeeep!  Tell me how you like it... later... " 

(Oh, that kiss from George Clooney.  I paid for it, of course.  I got it from the "Kiss Bank," also one of  Koussouros's dreams for his Kiss Phone capabilities -- actually, he mentioned Madonna, not George Clooney.)

Methinks Koussouros and his company, PROinvention, need an investor/partner for the Kiss Phone.


PROvention via Gizmag



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