Kit Kat Apple Pie & Carrot: A Neat Easter Treat That's Not Just For Bunnies

Japanese Kit Kats are famous – or infamous – for flavors ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. We'll have to slot the brand new, limited edition, Easter-themed Apple Pie & Carrot flavor firmly in the latter category even though it was the top entry in a public poll. Can you imagine what flavors didn't make the cut?

Created with Easter in mind, Kit Kat Apple Pie & Carrot is being sold in bags containing 12 mini-bars. It appears the unwrapped bars are tinted carrot orange and not chocolate brown, leading one to hope the carrot flavor they channel is of the cheesecake variety and not the stewed, steamed and served with peas kind. Blecch!

Just to make things more interesting, Nestle Japan has designed 13 different bunny-themed wrappers for the bars, thus guaranteeing every bag of 12 contains a different mix of designs.

In addition, 1 of every 30 mini-bars is imprinted with a special “Lucky Easter” design. This is in reference for the name “Kit Kat” sounding like “Kitto Katsu” in Japanese, the meaning of which is “(you'll) surely win.”

This is why Kit Kats of any flavor are popular gifts given to students studying for tests or exams... though one wonders how many kids, Japanese or not, would enjoy receiving a carrot-flavored candy bar before taking a test.

In any case, you may wish to purchase Kit Kat Apple Pie & Carrot for the sake of curiosity or because there's a kid who can't stand. Either way, they can be ordered online from White Rabbit Japan. Hop to it!