Kit Kat Sandwiches? Sweet!

Hello Kitty, goodbye diet... and by Kitty we mean Kit Kat of course. No longer content with being Japan's fave go-to snack bar, Kit Kat is expanding its reach to sandwich territory. Expanding Japanese waistlines are sure to follow.

Kit Kat Sandwiches are the product of – no, not an extreme case of the munchies – Nestlé Japan and First Kitchen restaurants. The latter first induced the former to create “Kit Kat For Café”, a new variety of the quintessential candy bar expressly designed to complement coffee. First Kitchen gets the exclusive on Kit Kat For Café, offering up packages of mini twin-bars for 50 yen (about 60 cents) each.

Nestlé Japan and First Kitchen were then compelled to take Kit Kat For Café to the illogical next level, building a sandwich around it and serving it to unsuspecting Japanese. We woukld suggest serving it with a side-order of insulin.  

Priced at 220 yen (about $1.85) each, Kit Kat Sandwiches consist of a soft sweetened clamshell bun, a hefty dollop of whipped cream, and a dash of tangy candied orange zest. Whatever those guys were smoking, you better believe they got their money's worth. (via Kaigainoomaera