Kit Kat Lucky Little Tastefully Updates the Fortune Cookie

Japan's Kit Kat chocolate bars are legendary for their seemingly endless variety of flavors, sizes and formats . How does one top that kind of success? By turning an ephemeral snack into an online game that keeps your interest - long after the candy is gone!

I've written about Japanese Kit Kats before, and since that time Nestle's Japanese marketing arm has continued to do what it does best: keep Kit Kat in the public eye, not to mention the public's mouths. With the new "Kit Kat Lucky Little", however, the candymaker has struck on something a different - what can be considered a revamping of the classic Fortune Cookie for the 21st century.

Kit Kat Lucky Little is different from ordinary Kit Kats in many ways. The format, first of all. No twin pairs of bars to "have a break" with; instead, Kit Kat Lucky Little contains a dozen & a half or so rounded square bits. Chips off the Kit Kat block, as it were. The bits are then coated with cherry-flavored confectionary (that's a cherry blossom on the bag, by the way).

That's where things get really interesting... the bits are either pink or white, matching the shades of the cherry blossom petals that flutter to the ground each spring in Japan. Moreover, each bag contains a different ratio of white to pink bits.

Dump 'em out and count 'em up... then get on your comp and go to the Nestle Japan website where you type in the number of white and pink bits, and in return are told your fortune! Just the thing to get your target market talking about your product, long after it's been reduced to a sweet memory. (via Japan Marketing News)    
Steve Levenstein     
Japanese Innovations Writer     

Apr 3, 2008
by Anonymous


Should be an interesting combination of the fortune cookie fortune and the kit kat candy. Gotta get my hands on some!