Kit Kat & Strawberry McFlurry? Gimme A Break!

The trick to McDonald's Japan's latest sweet treat involves combining Kit Kat chocolate bars, crushed strawberries and luscious soft ice cream to create the sinfully delicious Kit Kat & Strawberry McFlurry! Boo hoo, it's only available through the end of October!

As tasty as it sounds, the colorful desert isn't really so surprising considering Japan went cuckoo for Kit Kat long ago. Strawberry Kit Kat, in fact, is one of the less unusual flavors in Nestle Japan's chocolate-coated arsenal. Introducing the crispy wafer bars to McDonald's signature is a no-brainer though eating one to quickly might give you a brain freeze.

Creating a Kit Kat & Strawberry McFlurry in an average McDonald's store is as easy as pie – strawberry pie at that – considering the assembly process is much like that currently used to make the Oreo McFlurry, giving hope that Japan's latest taste treat might find its way over to this side of the pond someday soon.

Don't wait for it, though, as the one & only Kit Kat & Strawberry McFlurry is only being offered in Japan for the time being and when we say “time being”, we mean from September 28th through the end of October (tentatively) according to McDonald's Japan's press release. Get your tax-included 230 yen (just under $3.00) ready and prepare to dig into some berry cold comfort! (via Gigazine)

Oct 3, 2012
by Anonymous

What about the sugar?

The sugar in this must be over 30 grams a serving. A Kit Kat inside of the sugary ice cream, this is a disaster. Diabetes is one of the fastest growing illnessses worldwide.