Want A Kitchen Renovation? Latest Technology Hints At Kitchen Of Tomorrow

Dreaming of a new kitchen? Want a kitchen renovation?

Technology is the centerpiece of kitchens today. In planning the dream kitchen, technology will be a central part of creating and having a great kitchen. Conversations don't just take place around the dinner table anymore. Now, they happen between and with devices. A Smartphone connected to home appliances can let a shopper know if the milk at home has expired.  

Some technology advancements help simplify everyday life. Others will cause a complete realignment of how you design or remodel your kitchen. Not all of the most intriguing future kitchen tech devices are available right now, but some are. We can’t help but dream of our future robot chef cooking and serving Christmas dinner.

 Modern Kitchen in BlackModern Kitchen in Black

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"Future" Kitchen Technology Is Available Now

Driving these kitchen advances are changed lifestyles, increased connections around the world, and a decrease in the time we have available. The kitchen is the center of home entertaining and socializing. Appliances must be functional, beautiful and easy to use.

Another change is the increased interest in cooking, thanks in large part to TV cooking shows. People want to be chefs at home, so they want kitchen renovations to get some of the technology used by professionals.

Modern Kitchen in WoodModern Kitchen in Wood

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New Appliances Are Smarter

Our appliances today are smarter, sleeker, greener and faster than traditional kitchen workhorses are. They can be customized, and they multitask. Smart dishwashers sense how dirty your dishes are, and then release the right amount of detergent to clean them, for instance.

Already available are inline food preparation surfaces and induction cook tops. These gems feature faster, more efficient cooking combined with smooth and easy-clean surfaces. Heat is only produced when and where it is needed. Surfaces not in contact with cookware stay cool to the touch. These cook tops are faster and more energy-efficient than traditional electric stoves. They cook by applying oscillating magnetic fields directly to the pot or pan.

Inline Induction CooktopInline Induction Cooktop
Image: d.fastcompany

Smart refrigerators are available in homes today, too. The Samsung model, for instance, comes with an LCD touch screen, multiple apps for controlling functions and for activities, and cool stuff like child locks and interior LED lighting. Users can do pretty much anything on the Samsung fridge that they can do on their Smartphone, except maybe make a phone call.

The SmartGrid feature shuts down some features during peak energy use hours, saving owners money with the utility company. Homeowners can use the fridge’s Evernote app to make grocery lists, or add to them from their Smartphones. At the store, they open up Evernote on the phone, and have the list at hand. One Unilever app even sends coupons directly to the refrigerator, which forwards them to your phone so they are ready at the store. Pretty cool.

Samsung Smart RefrigeratorSamsung Smart Refrigerator

image: Amazon

LG refrigerators now feature the Blast Chiller technology that can cool a 12-ounce beverage can in about five minutes. In eight minutes, a bottle of wine chills to the perfect temperature.The Blast Chiller is also availalbe in a self-contained unit, so no kitchen remodeling is needed!

LG Blast ChillerLG Blast Chiller
Image: Amazon

The LG Food Manager French-door refrigerator goes beyond simply keeping inventory and updates with the Smartphone. Users can enjoy the Health Manager function, which makes recipe recommendations based on profiles and dietary restrictions. Select a dish from the list and press, “Send to Oven.” If you have an LG SmartOven, the refrigerator just instructed the oven to start pre-heating to the correct temperature.

LG Food ManagerLG Food Manager
Image: PC Mag 

The Electrolux Inspiro oven requires users only to load the contents into the screen and push a button. The oven calculates the exact combination of energy and time needed to bring the food to the right temperature. It chooses the cooking modes needed and even tells you the right rack for the food.

Sleek Integrated KitchenSleek Integrated Kitchen

Image: Joe Wolf

Gourmet Cooking At Home

Sous vide, or “under vacuum” cooking is available in home kitchens now. Users vacuum-seal food and submerge them in water baths at specific temperatures. Chefs achieve very precise flavor and texture using this method. Appliances like the Sous Vide Supreme make this affordable for home chefs.

Sous Vide SupremeSous Vide Supreme
Image: Amazon

Sanitizing Food Is Easier

High tech food sanitizing has become reality, thanks to Marvel’s SafeServe. This produce sanitizer uses nano-silver and ultrasonic technology to reduce microbial contamination and chemical residue on fruits and vegetables. SafeServe does this without using a drop of detergent or soap.

 Marvel SanitizerMarvel Sanitizer

Image: kitchens.com

Kitchen Surfaces Have Advanced

Kitchen surfaces have changed, thanks to advances in kitchen design and materials. Many products are now fully integrated into cabinets or disguised behind custom panel doors. Transparent appliances are becoming a popular trend in kitchen design innovation. Inline food preparation surfaces transition seamlessly from the sink to the chopping block and prep space. This makes clean up a snap.

Inline Food PrepInline Food Prep
Image: e.fastcompany

Sustainability and Connectivity Are Key

As Wi-Fi becomes more ubiquitous, kitchens will move even more towards open design and Smart connectivity with appliances and the users. Future innovations will also focus more on sustainability and green technology. Repurposing appliance “gray water” for use as coolant or garden water is one such application already in use. The use of eco-friendly materials and energy efficient appliances in the kitchen is already well underway.

Overall, kitchen renovations now have tons of awesome technology from which to choose. Things that seemed like science fiction a few years ago are now reality. 

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