Kitchen Accessories For Scientists And Science Nerds

If Food Network celebrity chef Alton Brown has anything to teach us about cooking it is that it's all about science. The culinary art is mostly chemistry and physics with some biology tossed in for good measure. If you are all about science and cooking you can reflect that in your kitchen with a Scientific Spice Rack, a Scientific Storage Jar Set, and Good Chemistry Salt and Pepper Shakers.

Scientific Spice RackScientific Spice Rack

The Scientific Spice Rack is a set of five glass test tubes that come with your choice of lime green or purple silicone stoppers. They come with their own laboratory rack and a sheet of reusable stickers with herb and spice names in the style of the Periodic Table of Elements. The black labels are spices and the white labels are herbs.

Scientific Spice RackScientific Spice Rack

Where you may use plenty of cumin, oregano, and cayenne in your amazing chili recipe, you may never use rosemary, caraway, or fennel. So why have those going stale in your spice rack?  Unlike so many spice racks that come with the bottles pre-marked for specific spices, this one lets you choose only those you use. With your spices in clear glass tubes you will also know in an instant when you need to purchase more.

Scientific Spice RackScientific Spice Rack

You don't have to stop at a spice rack for your scientific theme. You can also get the Earl Scientific Storage Jar Set. Fill the set of three glass jars designed to resemble laboratory beakers with sugar, flour, pasta, or whatever other dry ingredients you use regularly and seal them with their cork stoppers to retain freshness. 

Earl Scientific Storage JarsEarl Scientific Storage Jars

Each jar is marked so that you can keep track of the approximate volume of your ingredients. There is no need for labels since you can easily see what is stored in each jar.

Don't stop there. You can also get a set of Good Chemistry Salt and Pepper Shakers. Each porcelain shaker is imprinted with the chemical name. Keep them by the stove to go with your spice rack or on the table for dinnertime fun.

 Good Chemistry Salt And Pepper ShakersGood Chemistry Salt And Pepper Shakers

While all three of these sets are nerdy as all get out, they are also fun and stylish. They are perfect for your favorite science nerd or science fiction geek, especially if you are your favorite nerd or geek. 

Now is you could just get a Bunsen burner to cook over.

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