X-Out Is Kitchen Fire Extinguisher Like No Other

Representing the third installment in a not-at-all-planned series on Jim Ruck inventions, the X-Out fire extinguisher offers kitchen safety at its most modern and effective. Yep, as good as crazy food-related inventions are, there is obviously nothing better than a device which could directly save lives.

As is well documented in the U.S., stove-top fires are amongst the most common blazes encountered by the fire department, and whilst fire extinguishers obviously already exist, Jim Ruck (yes that man again) has deemed it necessary, and rightly so, to modernize this long standing safety device. His modern day answer to the outdated fire extinguisher is X-Out - a fire destroying device which sits just above the stove top, waiting and ready.

Feel safer in your kitchenFeel safer in your kitchen

Unlike current extinguishers, the X-Out would sit not on the wall or on the ground, but would be fixed above the stove, perfectly positioned to put out any fires which may occur. It measures 32-36 inches across; a crucial feature given that the device must cover the entire stove top area and be able to reach any flame regardless of where it originates.

A more modern extinguisherA more modern extinguisher

Whilst the fire extinguishing capabilities of X-Out seem to be superior to our current devices, it is the preventative attitude behind the product which makes it stand out. This product seeks to stop fires from occurring in the first place by turning off the oven in cases where it is left on by accident. And with backup batteries in case of a power failure as well as bolts on the back of the device which make attaching it to the wall very easy, this product offers modern day fire security with minimal hassle.

The inner workingsThe inner workings

This is a fire extinguisher which exemplifies both modern technology and modern thinking. After all, why have a device which just puts out fires when it can effectively double as an oven safety switch? Provided that it delivers everything which it promises, the X-Out extinguisher has the potential, thanks to modern day technology and ingenuity, to take kitchen safety to the next level.

Like most of Ruck's concepts, this newly emerging product has not yet had time to find its way on to the market, but with a U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) quote on Ruck's website reading 'The stove top is the number one cause of household fires in North America", it will surely not be long until it is firmly established as the answer to stove top fires and the potentially life threatening problems they create.

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