KitKat Sick Snack? Bizarre Vegetable Juice Chocolate Bars


Nestle Japan has hooked up with drinks maker Ito En to make KitKat Enhancement Vegetables. This vile-sounding concoction features the apple-carrot flavor of Ito En vegetable juice sandwiched between KitKat's trademark crispy wafers and covered in mild-tasting white chocolate.

KitKat chocolate bars are enjoyed worldwide but never in so many different flavors as in Japan. The last time I wrote about Japanese KitKats there were 81 listed varieties. That was in June of 2007 - many, many more unique KitKats have come and gone since then. "Gone" because many variations are limited editions made to celebrate a particular region's culinary delights, such as Yubari Melon or Hokkaido Milk.

In between the special editions, Nestle product planners have scoured the world's fruits, pastries and even wines to create some of the oddest KitKats you could imagine. Now they've gone even further; from merely odd to actively bizarre: KitKat Enhancement Vegetables arrived on Japanese store shelves on August 24 for a (hopefully) limited time only.

It may be worth noting that exactly 70 years earlier, on August 24 of 1939, two other strange bedfellows sealed the deal on another distinctly unsavory combination: the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union was signed in Moscow. Surely a coincidence. Surely...

History doesn't recall what snacks were served following the signing but... use your imagination. (via 3Yen)