Kitty Litter Facial Masks: The Purrfect Way To Clear Pores

Kitty Litter Facials for the BraveKitty Litter Facials for the BraveSo you're looking for a new facial routine? Well the good news is that bentonite is the perfect solution to your skin problems. The better news is that it's easy and affordable to come by. There's always a catch, though. You'll find this mineral in kitty litter, and beauty gurus have been using litter in an innovative way. You can create a DIY facial mask in minutes. All you need is a little bit of litter!

Basic, unscented cat litter is clay. That's it. Specifically, kitty litter contains bentonite, a clay created from volcanic ash. It's in kitty litter because it's super absorbent. You'll find it in expensive clay masks, as well. Granted, the cat litter isn't packaged as beautifully, but it works just as well. Sodium bentonite clay has a negative charge, so it acts like a magnet, absorbing toxins from your skin. It's a great way to purify your pores. If you're not squeamish, you'll see kitty litter in a whole new beauty light.

Start with two tablespoons of unscented kitty litter. Scented litter contains chemicals that you want to avoid. And it should be fresh. Need I explain why? Add a little water, plus any extra oils you like, and microwave so the mask is warm. Rub the muddy water on your face and let it dry for fifteen minutes. Then, rinse off with cool water. It's that easy to create your own volcanic ash mask.

 Maybe the concept of rubbing liquefied kitty litter on your face is a bit too much too handle, no matter how innovative it is. There are great facial masks that contain the same minerals you can purchase instead. Baxter of California makes a clay mask with bentonite and kaolin.  Aztec Secret also contains bentonite and is more affordable. Kitty litter would last a lot longer, though.

Refresh your skin with a litter facial. Ignore the fact your rubbing a cat's bathroom on your face, and remember that kitty litter is just clay rich with bentonite. It's good for you! If you can get over the weirdness of a kitty litter face mask, your skin will thank you for it. 

Sources: Michelle Phan, Petfinder

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