The Kitty Tube: The Green Way To Keep Your Cat Cool In The Summer And Warm In The Winter


Keeping pets cool in summer and warm in the winter usually involves some kind of electric or solar power, but the Kitty Tube does both without any power. It does it so well, that the Kitty Tube is great for outdoor cats too!  Now, you may have seen this cat house before, but the manufacturer has upgraded its design and materials, so now the Tube is even better!


The Kitty TubeThe Kitty Tube


The Kitty Tube fits up to 3 cats ( It's 24" x 24" x 23") and protects them from unwanted visitors and potential predators. It's perfect for your own cats, but also for strays you might care for outdoors. The Kitty Tube even provides a great shelter for a cat to birth her kittens.

Made of 100 percent recycled materials - milk and detergent bottles - the Tube is totally insulated - even the floor - and it has air vents that may be opened or closed, depending on the ambient temperature. A cozy, machine-washable cat bed comes with every Kitty Tube.  As you can see below, the top comes off easily for cleaning inside....


The Kitty Tube (inside)The Kitty Tube (inside)


The Kitty Tube weighs 19 pounds and can be easily lifted by two handles on the sides of the Tube.  Another new and desirable feature of the Tube is its new awning, now built into the top of the house.


The Kitty Tube's new awningThe Kitty Tube's new awning


If your cats or strays stay outside or in your garage, you should definitely investigate the Kitty TubeIt has sterling reviews from cat owners and I guess that means their cats are happy too!


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