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Kitty Underwear Offers Snarky Censorship For The Indiscreet

There was a time when every magazine at the grocery store checkout was crucifying (or celebrating) a celebrity showing off what her mama gave her to the world. These party animals found themselves getting in or out of vehicles indiscreetly, giving paparazzi a welcomed photo opportunity allowing them to show the world something they've never seen before.

This isn't an article designed to judge those famous faces that have put themselves out there (in more ways than one). But we are going to have a little fun with it, since a snarky new garment wouldn't be nearly as entertaining if it weren't for this little piece of pop culture. 

The TOPSHOP UK  introduced these kitty-inspired lingerie garments, and there is no denying that their creation was meant to be ironic. After all, the cute little kitty face has impeccable placement. And, not only is the joke fun in person if there were an accidental flashing incident, but they're sparked a bit of an internet trend.

Due to original photo rights, we can't post the pictures here. But remember all of those famous party girls that showed off a little more than intended? The internet has taken those images and Photoshopped them to instead display the TOPSHOP kitty. Out of all the high-fashion items she's been sporting on red carpets at movie premieres and events, you know that the snarky lingerie item is the thing you'd most like to see Emma Watson donning.

Etsy Cat Face UnderwearEtsy Cat Face Underwear

The only bad news here is that despite all the awesomeness, this product didn't get enough publicity and is no longer available from TOPSHOP. The good news is that ThinkGeek has an adorable collection that includes cute kitty panties.

If you can't get your hands on kitty paties, perhaps these adorable kitty tights will do?